Attack dogs

I am writing this letter in response to Ms. Loveall’s letter concerning dogs (3/12). Thank you so much for writing the letter that many of us cannot. As an animal lover, previous dog owner and cat-person household, it is unbelievable the atrocious behavior of dog owners. The river estuary is where birds nest. I have spent many hours with the incredible variety of birds. To see loose dogs on the beach there is devastating as they plunder birds’ nests. Also, it is hard to go to any park or open grass areas without several dog walkers, some on leashes others not. Have you ever been bitten by a dog? It’s no joke. The wound heals open and you need a tetanus shot. Plus, it’s very humiliating. I like to swim near the river mouth and it’s a battle to leave belongings on shore or upon exiting the water dogs try to attack. As the night deepens where I live, the coyotes come in for their kill, a roving pack of vicious canine animals that are hungry and eat anything (like a dog). Other people besides dog owners ought to enjoy the great outdoors without being policed by so many dogs.

      Roseanne Willard

P.S.: Is that why they are cutting all the new weeds? In case they lose their dogs?


Desalination is the way to go

Re: “Oil dependency — old news,” Editorial, 2/19

Your opinion piece makes me realize that we must invest in desalination projects. How to finance the incredible costs: oil companies’ unbelievable profits. They did what they did to our environment; now the chickens are coming home to roost and the extractive industries must pay. (They are the only ones with enough money, besides.) Thanks.

      Bryan Cox

King Obama

 Or what he probably has his staff call him: King Obama. He thinks he is king. Why I say that is because presidents are to do what the people want who voted for them. They took a pledge to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Obama ignores the Constitution; he is rewriting it to serve what he thinks it should say. He signs his executive orders as a king would, writing a decree. Not to take any advice from anyone, only what he wants goes. He said to take any wealth above your needs or what the government thinks your needs are and distribute it to the people that don’t have it. He wants the government to take from the middle class and give it to the poor that don’t have as much. He said to take from the rich; but if that was true, why have the rich gotten richer and the middle class getting poorer? We are losing our middle class; at this rate there will only be the rich and the poor. Obama wants to control all wealth like a king. The way the government controls the people is to take any wealth. That way no one gets ahead. He is not helping the poor, he is making them dependent on government, even though many don’t want to work, or come from other countries and have low skills and cannot make as much money. They all get government help. He is not making them better-off; the government is only spending more money and bringing down the middle class so they don’t have as much to spend.

I want to say the article by Paul Moomjean was right on.

Jerry Lucero




Bonnie Weigel’s values

Here we go again. Bonnie Weigel, a Republican, announced her candidacy for County Supervisor. Supporting her kickoff announcement were the same pro-development forces that funneled large amounts of late attack money into the last campaign against SOAR leader, Supervisor Steve Bennett. At her announcement Weigel was undecided as to whether she supports Ventura County’s SOAR law, which protects us from Los Angeles urban sprawl. These are sure not the values I am looking for in a leader who has to make tough decisions on land use, groundwater pumping and other issues important in protecting our special quality of life.

      Diane Underhill


We are all connected

Hatred breeds hatred. It is self-seeking and self-gratifying. It is a learned emotion. Love is the opposite. It is a gift given to each of us at birth. It is natural and not learned. Pope John Paul II said it best: “It is what is.” On the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, I was truly sickened to read an article by Justin Markman concerning the “homeless.” (Letters, 2/26) I was struck by the timing and relevance of the outcome of condemning any segment of humanity out of sheer ignorance and arrogance and darkness. Mr. Markman, you are the trifecta of hatred. You have made me question whether you could somehow be a secret half-brother spawned by a “man” who was the gold standard of hatred . . . secretively. Those who prescribe their ideology of hatred prey on the weak and most vulnerable by bullying and badgering them into surrendering. Yes, even a parent. Hatred constantly seeks to expand its borders and increase its recruits. It is inclusive and opportunistic. To hate is to believe that the end justifies the means. If you see there is a lie hidden in plain sight.

I am not Jewish but I comprehend hypocrisy and hatred because I have lived beside it my entire life. Deception and duplicity are the fuels that keep the fire alive. My “family” (definition only) were staunch “Christians” who went to confession and church weekly, forced me to attend scripture studies for years and said the mandatory thanksgiving prayer before all meals. But behind closed doors they were degrading, demoralizing and dehumanizing of the Jews with their slanderous remarks. Most people on the “outside” considered my “family” truly holy. Only five of us knew the real truth . . . my “parents,” my “sibling,” myself and God. Thankfully, I always remembered that I only needed ONE to be omnipresent and omnipotent. If you can do the math, Mr. Markman, three were brainless and heartless while I chose a much different path. Even today, right now at this very moment, I have paid an earthly ransom to follow my heart. Hitler would most likely adore you, Mr. Markman, as it appears you are both brainless and heartless. You must be a very weak and little man.  . . . Perhaps a Napoleon complex? Fortunately, all “little men” are not so vertically and mentally challenged as to write such a hateful article. I met my qualifications to be treated as trash . . . There was nothing honorable or honest to recycle. Obviously, you are clueless to the fact that hatred robs, ravages and rapes everything in its path. You can choose hate (the easy path) or you can choose love (the not-so-easy path). It is a choice to travel a path of peace. Have you ever heard the phrase “There, but for the grace of God, go I”? Someday you will learn. . . . We are all connected. As the last survivors of Auschwitz leave our Earth, they will be gone but not forgotten . . . hopefully. I think the Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow (Wizard of Oz) also would hope, one day, you will receive a brain, a heart and some courage. Only a coward hates.
Ciao, ciao . . . “Gone Boy.”

      Linda Principe
Thousand Oaks




Be the authority

I feel that Big Pharma, the Medical Establishment and, by proxy, the government (because it makes laws regarding public health based upon Big Pharma’s and the Medical Establishment’s lobbyists) are trying to generate fear in the populace so that they can, first, make big bucks by strongly recommending and, if the public will allow it, mandating vaccination and second continue to manipulate the populace with fear. It’s still all about power over others.

The concept “herd immunity” is used in their arguments in an attempt to guilt those who do not give much credence to Big Pharma et al. into getting vaccinated, implying that if they don’t, they do not care about others. The more important concept to keep in mind is “herd mentality.” I encourage everyone to research and consider how their immune systems work and base their decisions accordingly. Be the authority in your own life.

 “They must find it difficult, those who have taken authority as truth, rather than truth as authority.” — Gerald Massey, Egyptologist.

      Julie Schaab


Love all animals — excluding dogs

Jack and TM?,

Thank you for your response and agreeing that dogs should be restricted from most beaches. I cannot speak for all Audubon Society Members regarding hatred for dogs. The purpose here is to protect the birds in their natural habitat from being victimized by animals that do not belong there. I am a voice for the wildlife that cannot speak out for their rights. Every time I go to the beach, 90 percent of the people with dogs have them off the leash and deliberately go into the restricted areas. Just because birds have wings does not mean they should not have to fly away from attacking dogs …

I think Oxnard Beach Park located at 1601 S. Harbor Blvd. would be a perfect place to take dogs rather than bird estuary beaches.

I applaud the Ventura County officers in Oxnard that are fining the ignorant, non-law-abiding citizens around Channel Islands Harbor that ALWAYS have dogs off the leash and leave feces there.

TM — Dogs are actually negative to communities, beginning with vicious attacks on people and children to nerve-racking barking day and night. Also, look for the article published in LA Times newspaper regarding dogs devastating effect on the environment (op-ed, “Just how bad is your dog for the environment?”) You are correct, TM. Ventura is a redneck/dog town that even promotes dog kennel dining; and I agree, there needs to be a designated dog park that keeps all that away from wildlife and people that are offended by dogs.

By the way, I personally have had dogs on and off throughout my life and have had way too many bad experiences with them. The more exposure I have to dogs, the more repulsive they are to me. I am harassed and disgusted with dogs on a daily basis. Unlike you, I have human communication skills and do not need a dog to help me connect. I have a life and know that cats and bunnies are far more interesting and make much better pets.

      Danielle Loveall
    Human and wildlife activist




Remaining open minded

I would like to offer some thoughts on collaborative efforts to assist those in our community who are without homes.

I believe there is a need for all of us involved with these efforts to do a better job of truly listening. For in this collaboration there is currently a rift. A rift in which I sense acrimony and resentment. I will be honest: Attending recent meetings — including the Homeless Subcommittee meetings — I come away disappointed and discouraged. I think listening can help to heal this rift. A wise man — Aristotle — is credited with saying, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” I think it is extremely important we all remain open to listening to more than just a single viewpoint. One can certainly espouse and follow the philosophy of a handup, not a handout. To do so and simultaneously close one’s ears and eyes to any viewpoint that differs is counterproductive.

One can express the view that human compassion calls for us to feed those in need where they are. To do so and simultaneously close ones ears and eyes to any viewpoint that differs is counterproductive. A few months, ago I listened to some NPR coverage of Robert Marbut, the man behind the push to make handing out food a crime. I very much oppose some of what he has to say. At the same time, I am open to listening to his stance, therefore I promptly forwarded a link on Mr. Marbut on to Peter Brown. I have learned much from listening to viewpoints other than my own. NPR happens to provide me a lot of these — which I welcome.

In Ventura and Oxnard I have fed those in need — while in buildings and while outdoors — in Los Angeles, on Skid Row, I have fed people in buildings and outdoors. In Oceanside and Salinas, California, it was in buildings.  In Chicago, Illinois, it was on the street with a food truck. I am more comfortable in buildings — there is more of an opportunity to make eye contact, to really connect with others. At the same time, I remain aware that I must not limit my activity to my comfort zone.

As with other issues, I am more aware of the questions than the answers. For us in Ventura, I will repeat my concern of our need to truly listen. When we fail to listen we undermine efforts at collaboration

Aristotle, who lived in the 300s, may have had wise words for the people of his day. In the late 20th century, we have wise words from the fictional TV character Sgt. Phil Esterhaus on the TV show Hill Street Blues, when he would say, “Hey … Let’s be careful out there.”

As we move forward with our efforts I can only repeat his words, “Let’s be careful out there,” lest we discard opportunities to work together collaboratively for common goals.

      John S. Jones


Californians deserve end-of-life options

Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old woman with brain cancer who died recently, moved to Oregon with her mother and husband because she was dying and didn’t want to endure blindness and great suffering. Oregon has a law allowing doctors to help end suffering. Brittany wished to stay in California with family, friends and pets, but we don’t have the law yet.

The California Medical Association spokeswoman, Molly Weedn, said the CMA policy is in “opposition to physician-assisted suicide.” Suicide is defined in Webster’s dictionary as “The act of killing yourself because you do not want to continue living.” Brittany Maynard and many others who suffer similar conditions and face days, weeks or months of awful suffering, don’t want to die. They want to live, but know they must soon die and want help to end suffering if it becomes too hard.

End-of-Life-Option Act (EOLO), or Senate Bill 128, would permit physicians to write prescriptions for mentally sound people with terminal diseases who have six months or less to live. Patients would ingest the medicine with no help from others. Two doctors must attest that the person is of sound mind and has less than six months to live in order to get a prescription to end horrific suffering. It’s not a license to end life because someone doesn’t want to continue living.

To get involved in helping Compassion and Choices pass this bill in California, please call Lisa Klinger: 310-409-8344.


      Debbie Diamond








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