Lack of affordable housing

Interesting this article (“The Young and the Rentless,” News, 12/22) appeared in the same issue highlighting Ventura’s homeless problem. Affordable housing is lacking for workers providing essential services for the city, not just the chronically homeless.

Ellen James


A helping hand up

Great article (“Finding Redemption,” feature, 12/18). It’s time for us to get over helping people who for one reason or another can’t do it alone. A hand held out should be also considered a helping hand up.

Kay Wilson Bolton


GOP justification

Just to let you know I so enjoyed your article relating the Pope’s thoughts on the inequality of wealth (“War Is Hell,” Sharper Focus, 12/18). Very well-written. How the Republicans justify themselves is beyond me. Now if the Pope would just approve of birth control as overpopulation is the No. 1 issue on the planet. In my humble opinion..

Carol Ann Rose


Doomed to repeat

Paul makes some good points (“To 2016 and beyond: Part 2,” Right Persuasion, 12/11). Unfortunately, Republican SOP will continue in its long tradition of repeating over and over that what has failed before.

Bob Johnson


Failed liberal policies

It does not go unnoticed that Paul ignores the midterm rout by Republican Party’s who’s new role in Washington as the leaders of the House and Senate will be properly defined by Republican policies (“To 2016 and beyond: Part 2,” Right Persuasion, 12/11). All the rest of Paul’s long-winded narrative is all for naught. The voters have proven they are tired of liberals’ failed policies. Obama trying to fix the immigration issues with his executive powers created a backlash that really cooked his goose and angered even the left wingers.

Dowdy homely Hillary is history.

Roger Owens


Destroying the planet

There goes the neighborhood. Apparently nobody remembers BP. (“Insufficient information,” News, 12/11) Another example of how greed and corruption are destroying the planet.

Mike De La Mater


Just looking at science

I think you didn’t read their study, and you are ignoring science. Eric Hopkins, co-founder of Blue Tomorrow and project scientist on the northern Ventura County Coastal Watershed Project study says that fracking more than likely didn’t factor into the results (“Insufficient information,” News, 12/11). “We did find a lot of sediment, a surprising amount, and with that was this very high level of metals,” said Hopkins, who also added that these metals could be naturally occurring in the geology. “There’s a potential that the large road network and infrastructure in the watersheds are contributing to increased erosion and globalization of these metals.” So the metals they did find could actually be naturally occurring or possibly caused by runoff from roads and infrastructure from the area. I also note that Heal the Bay’s report card on Ventura County beaches for the past five years has been A+ across the board. I’m just looking at science, nothing else. You seem to ignore the facts to suit your own beliefs.

Slade House




Ventura City Council looks to improve oversight

On Monday 12/15, during a Council-requested development update, several overly massive and dense projects begged the question: Should the Council regain stewardship of Ventura and return public transparency by reinstating the Residential Growth Management Program (RGMP)?

The RGMP process provided up to 500 housing-unit approvals every two years. Development projects were selected by many criteria, including neighborhood compatibility. The structured process allowed citizens to easily follow the development project proposals, and many projects came out of the RGMP process the better for the community’s input. Additionally, and importantly, the RGMP was the only city program that paced residential growth to prevent new development from overwhelming our available infrastructure like: water, road and police/fire capacity.

It should also be noted that the RGMP was intact when the current 2005 General Plan underwent its draft environmental impact report review. Unfortunately, almost simultaneously with the adoption of the 2005 General Plan, the then-sitting Council voted to replace the RGMP with the Housing Approval Program (HAP). With that single council action, we in effect moved from a publicly transparent managed-growth policy to an opaque program offering the Council little control or oversight.

Now with the recession waning, developers are flocking to Ventura with proposals for overly large developments with substandard parking plans. It has become apparent that the “compatible infill” vision in our General Plan under the RGMP has now morphed into plans of “overfill” under the HAP.

Eliminating the RGMP essentially blocked the development process from view, both for the public and the City Council. This Council is now moving to correct the problem.

Monday night, several City Council members, including Mayor Heitmann, expressed concern over the lack of compatibility of a number of projects that seek even more density than the zoning permitted. When Mayor Heitmann asked how the council could prevent approvals for such massive out-of-character buildings, Community Development Director Jeff Lambert replied that the Council could reinstate the RGMP.

During the current multiyear drought, water has been on many citizens’ minds. It should be noted that the RGMP could also help tie/pace development to the available water supply.

At the meeting, water watchdog Dan Cormode used the city’s own figures to show the Council that Ventura has already exceeded its current water resources and should hold off on new water connections until a long-term solution is in place. Mr. Cormode explained that the city is currently “renting” water from Lake Casitas for Ventura’s East End to blend with its undrinkable groundwater, and that there is no plan for replacing “borrowed” water as is required. Like a U-Haul, the rental fees are due until the water is returned.

The RGMP was criticized by developers and their lobbyists as a biennial “beauty contest” where they competed for allocations. To RGMP supporters, it kept the elected officials with stewardship of the community vision and it kept the community engaged as stakeholders. The community’s response to the “beauty contest” criticism was, “What’s wrong with beautiful developments that work with and enhance our city?”

Diane Underhill


Not a renter’s market

It’s simply not just millennials, and it’s also not a new issue (“The Young and the Rentless,” News, 12/18). I’m Gen X and a former apartment renter. The increasing price of rent, along with soaring basic costs of living, was insane. My husband worked two full-time jobs, I worked one and that barely covered our living expenses back then. Two years ago my husband inherited his boyhood home (mortgage-free.) If it wasn’t for that, we’d still be living in an apartment, stressing about the rent and rental issues.

Bunny Avila




Too offensive

Regarding the Grand Prize First Place Winner of your photo contest (Cover, 12/11). It is offensive to see photos in a family newspaper of anyone relieving themselves, but to show a male in the men’s room standing at a urinal while dressed as a female, with his underwear down around his calves, is gross, tasteless and vulgar. People have the right to choose how to live their lives, but that expression is not worthy of a first place win — it is too offensive to the senses.

— Larry Bases





Know your enemy

I have some cautions that “Scapegoat” ought to consider re: his shooting from the hip on Bob Johnson’s comments in a recent VCReporter. Knowing your enemy is a maxim in military confrontations, and if one thinks one’s enemy stupid, even a mediocre counterattack can prove calamitous. One of the repeated injunctions of Officers’ Candidate School was that a poor plan well-executed was far better than a brilliant plan poorly executed!

As to $15 an hour minimum wage, Australia in recent years has adhered to this level and is among the economies least impacted by the 2008 economic crash. Explanation?


— Duane Waln




Much appreciation

Thank you so very much for the great article that the VCR ran on Purple Heart recipients for Veterans Day (“All gave some, some gave all,” feature, 11/6). I commend Alicia Doyle for dedicated efforts in writing such a credible and memorable article.

 I never before have thought much about being a veteran. I served, did my job and am glad to be here. I now want to help other veterans who have not been as fortunate as me.


— Richard R. Bryan


The opposite of logic

Paul Moomjean should take time to read Barack Obama’s remarks before rushing to ooze arch humor at the president (“Next Stop: 2016,” Right Persuasion, 11/13). If he did, he might avoid the Alice-in-Wonderland logic that pervades his bimonthly screeds. Or at least avoid some of it. Moomjean is probably beyond total rehabilitation on the logic front.

As an example of Moomjean’s Looking-Glass logic, I cite the remark boxed in the center of the Nov. 13 Obama hit piece. It appears in at least triple-sized type. I take it someone thought it marked a high point for Paul that week.

I’ll divide the highlighted comment into two parts.  That way the point I’m making should be so obvious that even Paul can’t miss it:

Obama’s statement: “I’m pretty sure I’ll take some actions that some in the Congress will not like. That’s natural. That’s how Democracy works.”

Paul’s Retort:  Democracy works by not doing things?  I guess I missed that lecture in my government classes.

Really, Paul. If you’d put your brain in gear before accelerating, you would have noticed that Obama says he will be doing things, “taking some actions.” You somehow transmogrify that into a statement by the president that he will not be doing things and then go on to berate him for his attitude.  Logic, how does that work? 

“Taking action” is the opposite of “not doing things,” Paul. Write that 1,000 times on the blackboard of that government class you skipped.

I realize nothing is going to stop Paul Moomjean from pursuing his war on Obama and all things Democratic. I only wish he’d pursue it with a small fraction of the sophistication and intelligence he obviously thinks he projects. And as I say, with some logic, too.


    — Rick Scott






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