Better living

It is vaccination season, including one that I feel will soon be offered or, worse yet, mandated for Ebola. I believe that many people are confused about how their immune system, i.e., the life force within their bodies, actually works. It’s simple. Good things like organic food, exercise, sleep, relaxation, basic sanitation, lack of environmental pollution and peace of mind increase the life force and bad things like fast and processed food, lack of exercise and sleep, stress, lack of sanitation, exposure to pollution and a troubled conscience decrease the life force. We have always shared the world with a wealth of bacteria and viruses and it’s ridiculous to think that our ever powerful and adaptable bodies require outside medical intervention (vaccinations) for continued survival.

Below is a story from my life which illustrates how groups of people can fall prey to ignorance and how they can recover from it by considering the problem and communicating with each other.

I worked in the human resources department for an organization in the County of Ventura which employed thousands. I was an office assistant and the woman who started on the same day as me was my immediate supervisor. Our task was to work in concert with a dozen or so other HR department employees to keep the organization’s HR recruitments and interoffice promotions moving along via an HR software system that I was told upon hire required only basic computer skills to operate. My supervisor and I had a combined total of 30 years’ experience utilizing a variety of software, and between the two of us, couldn’t make heads or tails out of that HR software. The other employees could not help because the previous supervisor had done most of the computer work himself and they only had limited ability.  

After a month of little success and considerable angst, we convinced our mutual boss to contact the software company and send us a trainer. That which followed was a moment of profound realization for us all. The trainer was amazed by how his company’s perfectly logical software program had been corrupted into a collection of nonsensical work arounds. My supervisor and I were pleased that we had the sense to question; the department manager and the other employees were left scratching their heads wondering how such a stupid situation could persist for so many years.


Julie Schaab





The wing nuts MUST move aside

There is a real water emergency in California, as recently declared by the governor. Without water, the state of California, as we know it today, will cease to exist. That is an obvious and self-apparent fact, which CANNOT be denied!!

The need for water is ONE THOUSAND TIMES more important than the so-called “high speed” rail system. The high-speed rail system CANNOT produce one drop of water and will actually consume water. In view of this critical need for water, we need to start building 25 desalting plants IMMEDIATELY, without delay, in California, and finish the 17 that were never completed.  The money that was earmarked for the high-speed rail system needs to be shifted to building DESALTING PLANTS. The need is DESPERATE, the need is REAL, the situation requires action NOW!!!

In view of the foregoing, there should be THREE TOP PRIORITIES in California, for the next five years: DESALINATION PLANTS, DESALINATION PLANTS and DESALINATION  PLANTS!!

There are 15,000 desalination plants in the world today; in California there are only ONE or TWO, which are fully operational!! 17 MORE are being held up by environmental wing nuts!! These wing nuts MUST be overruled NOW!! The desperate need for water in California is a THOUSAND TIMES more important than their trivial environmental concerns. The wing nuts MUST move aside and allow desalination plants to be built, especially the 17 they have been holding up for the last 10 years!!!

John Jay


Not so cleaned up

Today I walked my dogs to the end of Seaward, as I do every day. This was Saturday 9/20/14. As I got to the end I noticed the wall littered with 20 feet of plastic bags. Some had a few things in them like feathers and one coffee cup. Others were EMPTY. This was someone’s attempt of a beach cleanup. Please don’t do us any more favors. You left over 100 plastic bags that the seagulls carry to the ocean. Thirty percent of the trash was made by whoever attempted this cleanup. Gloves, bags, water bottles, food cartons, etc. Your “CLEAN THE BEACH” took me an hour to sort. I put the actual trash in 10 bags plus one dead pelican that should not even have been brought up to rest at a tourist destination.

California Coastal Cleanup Day at the Seaward Beach was a travesty. No one brought their own buckets or reused bags as the ad suggested they do. I saw no reused bags. All I found were EMPTY six-gallon plastic bags with California Coastal Commission and Recycle written on them. I have saved the 60 empty bags I collected that day and can send pictures of the wasted bags. 

The whole idea is to heal our ocean, not add to the problem. Hundreds of wasted plastic bags are not the solution. Please rethink the next cleanup and don’t leave it for the seagulls to rip apart and bring it right back to the beach. You MUST take the trash away the day of the event.

Please use common sense next time.

Sheila Clancy


Sharkey for Measure M

“Only the little people pay taxes,” scoffed Leona Helmsley before her conviction for tax evasion. I’d never heard of Mark Bogetich until our city received a remarkably extensive public records request. So extensive it could take over a week’s worth of staff time to come up with all the minutiae requested by the man known to his friends as “Bogey.”

The website of his firm, MB Public Affairs, describes him (with all due modesty) as “one of the nation’s pre-eminent political vulnerability researchers.” In other words, a practitioner of the black art of dirty politics.

So what brings such a pre-eminent personage to the “Friendly City by the Sea”? Nothing less than a mundane update to a pretty boring law: the business license update known as Measure M.

You see, there are a number of big companies doing business in Port Hueneme that subscribe to the Leona Helmsley school of political economy. Under our 37-year-ordinance, big companies like Exxon, Del Monte and Chiquita are paying nothing while local businesses, no matter how small, are dutifully paying license fees to support the community they call home.

Rather than invest in our city, the big operators at the Oxnard Harbor District formed an opposition committee and funded it to the tune of nearly $40,000. Think about that: Port Hueneme has a population of fewer than 23,000.  $40,000 is $1.79 for every man, woman, and child in our city.

Big-time consultants, like the man called Bogey, charge fees that easily swell into the mid-five figures. The reasoning of the No on M folks can only be that it’s better to pay a Sacramento consultant than invest in the people of Port Hueneme.

So what are these scofflaws getting for their money? So far, not much. Imagine my surprise when I answered the phone and was confronted with a pollster spouting demonstrably false statements about me. My reaction was outrage followed by bemusement. After all, how many people can say they were the target of one of the nation’s pre-eminent vulnerability researchers?  

What could $40,000 buy if invested back into our community? It’s enough to keep the library open an extra day per week. It could resurface a tennis court, repair a basketball court or fund the crossing guard program. $40,000 could provide iPads for 150 needy students.  

The backers of the No on M committee are far too big and important for any of that community investment stuff. No, they’ll leave that to the little people who actually pay the taxes.  The big money will go to the consultants and black ops practitioners who know how to make phone calls but don’t seem to know the truth.

Jon Sharkey
Mayor, City of Port Hueneme


Bryan MacDonald for mayor

My name is Gaston Gomez, I would like to express my great concern about the destination of our city if we don’t immediately correct its leadership. I believe that, as citizens of Oxnard we have the profound responsibility to regain the city’s municipal control, an act that would enable us to make the necessary adjustments to the present journey of our city. I believe that as mayor of Oxnard, Bryan MacDonald will lead the city of Oxnard to the next socio-economic level.

I have known Bryan MacDonald for the past 19 years, a relationship that has granted me the opportunity to earn a fair awareness of his immense contributions. Bryan MacDonald is a man of integrity, character and time generosity. Throughout the years, Bryan has proved to be a great community asset. An impeccable police career, an advocate of transparency and progress as a councilman, co-achiever of many new commercial and residential developments, repairs and reconstruction of our streets, committed to the safety of our youth, promoting education and development of after hour programs through the Boys & Girls Club, while facing the grave economic needs, and the many issues affecting our city.

Albert Einstein once said, “We cannot solve the problems with the same thinking that created them.”

Bryan MacDonald, “Mayor of Oxnard.”

Gastón R. Gómez




Just because we are liberals

Media does not miss the mark, nor do liberals, as Mr. Moomjean would like to propose in his diatribe. (“Media misses the mark,” Right Persuasion, 8/28) The truth is that racism did not suddenly disappear with the Civil Rights Act. Racism did not suddenly disappear with the election of President Obama. Racism did not disappear in the ’60s, or the ’90s, or 2000s. Racism did not suddenly disappear because Mr. Moomjean wants to sweep it under the rug. Or because lame Limbaugh started the “Republican revolution.” (What???) Sad to say that, unfortunately, racism does exist. It exists everywhere you go, in many forms, in many ways. By the way, Fox has reported that the cop who shot Michael Brown had all those horrible injuries, but did you happen to notice that the person who reported that was an “unidentified source?” Nowhere else is there any indication that the police officer was injured in that incident. No photographs of an injured police officer have appeared. No reports of it.

Moomjean picks and chooses what he wants to report and how he wants to substantiate the hogwash he promotes. None of us really knows what happened; what we do know is that Brown was unarmed and that he was shot six times by Officer Wilson. The rest of the information will have to wait for the investigation. But because “Jim Crow” is still in effect in so many parts of our country and, unfortunately, in the minds and hearts of so many of our citizens, it is no wonder that people become outraged at such occurrences. You just don’t see very many unarmed “white” men being stopped or shot while walking down the street. Mr. Moomjean notwithstanding. God, he just can’t keep from hammering at us horrible liberals. Only and just because we ARE liberals. Proud to own up, Mr. Moomjean. Proud to own up.

Jan Schulman


Gorell’s voting record

I read your [news] article in the 9/11 issue titled Brownley vs. Gorell. In your interview with Mr. Gorell he responded to a question about the affordable care act by stating, “Women’s right to make their own health care decisions — including reproductive choices — must be protected.”  As a woman in an overwhelmingly pro-choice state, I was pleased he said that.

However, a look into Assemblyman Jeff Gorell’s. R-Camarillo, voting record with respect to women’s health care policies shows a very different politician. Every opportunity Mr. Gorell has had to vote in favor of protecting women’s access to reproductive services, he has either voted against women’s interests or skipped out on voting. For instance, last year he voted no on AB 2348, the Timely Access to Birth Control bill. He voted no on AB 154, which allows qualified nurse practitioners and nurse midwives to perform abortions. He voted no on AB 980, which removes outdated and unnecessary building codes for clinics that provide abortion services. And he skipped out on the vote for state Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson’s, D-Santa Barbara and Ventura, SB 340, which eliminated the sunset clause of the Reproductive Rights Law Enforcement Act. In fact, he earned a 0 percent score from Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California in 2012 and 2013, not voting for a single bill protecting women’s reproductive rights. This article reminds me that candidates will say anything during election season if they think it will get them elected. It is how they vote once in office that matters.

Congresswoman Julia Brownley, D-Westlake Village, is willing to fight for women’s health care and she has the voting record to prove it.  Her votes on sex education,  contraceptive coverage, family planning funding and access to abortion make it clear that that she cares about women and families.

Janet Barron
Board Member
Planned Parenthood Action Fund Inc.
of Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo Counties





Moomjean: blah, blah, blah

Media does not miss the mark, nor do liberals, as Mr. Moomjean would like to propose in his diatribe. (“Media misses the mark,” Right “Media miss the mark” indeed … mostly Fox News. (Right Persuasion, 8/28) I threw up a little when I read Moomjean’s latest crap piece about Michael Brown’s shooting death in Ferguson, Missouri. Paul begins by comparing the shooting to that of Trayvon Martin, suggesting that once all the “facts” were known that Zimmerman was clearly exonerated. …Yeah, just like O.J. Simpson. He goes on, blah blah blah … whites and black’s living in harmony at some pastor’s back yard barbecue in Missouri … not newsworthy … why? blah blah blah. Then Moomjean goes in for the kill, the meat of his exposé, and shares only one of the several “eyewitness” accounts … and it’s certainly not the one where the cop shoots Brown in the back as he’s walking away from the police car, Brown then turns, puts his hands in the air and the cop finishes him off with at least five more rounds … from a considerable distance. He then suggests that is was Fox News finally sorting the whole mess out with the report that Wilson had been “beat up” through his car window and had a “broken eye socket.” Paul never mentions that this report was pretty much instantly called out as complete and utter bullshit! That there was no and as yet still has been no official report about ANY injuries to Officer Wilson. Paul claims that after Fox presented “the facts,” all the media “started packing up and moving out of Dodge” … yet it was two or three days later that the video went viral of another cop in Ferguson pointing his gun at a journalist (I guess the only one that stayed behind after Fox’s deus ex machina) and saying, “I’m going to fucking kill you.” I guess Paul missed that one. What’s the matter, Paul, the Fox got your tongue? As a matter of “fact,” the official police report says very little at all. It’s as if the police are trying to cover up or let the heat die down before they let us know (what they say) really happened. Paul writes, with all his might and great conviction, that basically Wilson was justified, a good cop in a peaceful integrated community just doing his job, and the media got it all wrong while he, Paul (who is sadly part of “the media”), solves the case before the facts are in, doing exactly what he’s preaching against. How ironic that Paul chooses these words to close his article: “My hope is that the media will cool down after this and remember they serve us all.” Replace the word “media” with “police” and maybe then you’ve got something of substance, on the mark.”


Chris Jensen


Just because you hear it on Fox News

Paul Moomjean can’t seem to get his facts straight. He claimed that Officer Wilson in Ferguson had a broken eye socket. That is not true. Just because you hear something on Fox News does not make it true.


Alex Magdaleno

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