“Voting is the expression of our commitment to ourselves, one another, this country and this world.” — Sharon Salzberg, New York Times best selling author

Election Day is Nov. 4 and we want to provide an easy guide as you rush to get your ballots in the mail or as you hit the polling places.

To find your polling place, go to http://recorder.countyofventura.org/elections. In that section, input your address in the search engine, where is my polling place?

Governor, Lt. Governor
Thanks to our current governor, California isn’t broke. In fact, it’s in a surplus for the first time in a decade. Let’s keep the good news coming. Vote for Gov. Jerry Brown and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Congress/State Assembly
For the easiest and most efficient voter guide, we are going to keep this simple. If you are for the education, environment, equality, etc., then this election season’s candidates are quick picks. They all stand for the little guy, a fair shake for all, clean air and water, planning ahead not just focused on today. It’s too bad there is such a visible line between the left and the right with the lineup, but that’s politics.

24th Congressional District
Vote for Lois Capps for 24th Congressional District.

26th Congressional District
Vote for Julia Brownley for 26th Congressional District.

37th Assembly District
Vote for Das Williams for 37th Assembly.

44th Assembly District
Vote for Jacqui Irwin for 44th Assembly District.

State Propositions
Prop 1, Water Quality, Supply and Infrastructure Improvement Act
California is in a heck of a mess with our depleting water resources. We didn’t properly plan ahead for droughts. So now is a good a time to do so.
Vote YES on Prop 1.

Prop 2, Bigger rainy day fund for the state budget.
If you think savings are a good idea — and the more you have the better off you are — then vote yes.
Vote YES on Prop 2.

Prop 45 allows the Insurance Commissioner to be able to reject excessive health care insurance hikes
This proposition will give an elected official the ability to speak on our behalf and reject excessive health care insurance premium increases. It seems only logical.
Vote YES on Prop 45.

Prop 46, increasing malpractice cap; alcohol, drug testing for doctors
Forty years ago, the malpractice cap was set at $250,000 for pain and suffering. This bill increases the maximum to $1.1 million. Surely, that number has caught up with four decades of inflation. This proposition also mandates random drug and alcohol testing. After speaking with a nurse who worked with a doctor who did rounds completely drunk, we feel this isn’t such a bad mandate.
Vote YES Prop 46.

Prop 47, Reducing certain charges to misdemeanors
Prop 47 means well by changing six felony charges to misdemeanors—it would curtail overcrowding and give some another chance at life. Unfortunately, the six charges all lumped together — crimes that involve damages of less than $950: grand theft, petty theft, forging/writing bad checks, receiving stolen property, and drug possession, even if it is date rape drugs — are too much and too diverse to be voted on all at once.
Vote NO on Prop 47.

Local Elections
Oxnard Mayor
Councilman Bryan MacDonald is focused on long term sustainability. We like that. Vote for Bryan MacDonald.

Oxnard City Council
City Councilwoman Carmen Ramirez stands for the arts, education, environment, fiscal responsibility, minorities, transparency in government … Oxnard, in general. Vote for Carmen Ramirez.

City Councilman Bert Perello has served as a citizen watchdog for many years and remains devoted to transparency in local government. Vote for Bert Perello.

Port Hueneme City Council
We endorse challengers Tom Figg and Jim Hensley for City Council seats. Hensley has a long history of fighting for the people of Port Hueneme, whether in the form of sounding the alarm on beach erosion or raising the flag on the city’s lack of crossing guards at elementary schools. Figg is a reasonable voice in an unreasonable time, willing to reach out to the city’s neighbors and work with rather than against them. Vote for Tom Figg And Jim Hensley.

Local measures
Ojai’s Measures A, B and C
We don’t see why this is on the ballot. We think for such a small community, this effort to elect a mayor is a bit over the top. Voting no on Measure A would make Measures B and C obsolete (length of time the mayor serves in office). Vote NO on Measures A, B and C.

Ventura’s Measures D and E
Vote yes for higher voter turnout and cheaper elections for Ventura City Council and Ventura Unified School District Board elections by switching to even election years. Vote YES on Measures D and E.

Santa Paula Measure F
We endorsed Measure O in 2008 and while 1 percent sales tax might be a bit much compared to a half-cent increase, we feel this is for the betterment of Santa Paula. Vote YES on Measure F.

School District Bond Measures G, I, J and K
Rio School, Conejo Valley Unified, Ojai Unified, Briggs Elementary (Santa Paula)
It’s fairly simple: You get what you pay for and improving education facilities should be a priority. Always. Vote YES on Measures G, I, J and K.

Port Hueneme Measure M, updating the business tax code
By refusing to work with the stakeholders who would be most affected by this measure, we feel this is bad policy for Port Hueneme. At least, for now. Vote NO on Measure M.