For nearly three decades, voter participation in the Best Of Ventura County poll has grown incrementally each year.

This year, however, it took us by surprise when voter participation nearly doubled. The best rationale we have come up with for this is that the Best Of Ventura County issue truly serves the community, and the community came out in full force to support local businesses. We are honored to be that platform to help connect residents and businesses so we can all grow together. For this year’s Best Of theme, Made in Ventura County, we decided to focus on the creators, the originals, the one-of-a-kind proprietors that make our area unique.

Our covers and each section showcase winners from this year’s Best Of survey who break the mold with their talent and skills and offer the community something truly special that would be hard to find elsewhere. We are grateful to be a part of such a great community.


Enjoy this year’s Best Of Ventura County!

(You can click on a link below to see this year’s winners)

Best of Shopping

Best of Beauty & Style

Best of Health & Fitness

Best of Recreation

Best of Services

Best of Food & Drink

Best of Entertainment


For this year’s Best Of Ventura County edition, we chose three of our reader’s poll winners for the cover: Veronica Zepf of Passion Flowers, surfboard shaper Steve Walden and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

Cover photos 1 and 2 by T Christian Gapen,
cover 3 courtesy of Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.