Enegren Brewery
680 Flinn Ave., #31

There must be a more convincing argument for living a so-called “alternative lifestyle” than to become healthier by doing so. A lot of things are healthy for you, but they’re not all that fun. Good thing, then, that the world of beer is ever evolving and there are simply too many alternative choices available for you to pick a single one. Good thing that Enegren Brewing exists to assist in the decision making. We’ll get back to healthy.

Moorpark’s Enegren Brewing is just the kind of brewery to never let your thirst for new and exciting flavors wane. At its Moorpark tap room, Enegren serves classic styles with modern, distinctly Californian twists.

The Golden Spur Saison, a limited spring release, is a flavorful burst of ripe fruit with a sour kick, perfect for the warming weather. Saisons are of Belgian origin and have quickly become the 5 O’Clock’s official beverage of choice — complex and fruity with a hint of pepper in the finish. Enegren’s saison, using a combination of Belgian yeast and an eclectic blend of European and American malts, is a writing session’s best friend.

The real reason to visit Enegren, however, is found in one of the year-round offerings, the Valkyrie California Altbier.

The name altbier (“old beer”) refers to the method by which brewers brewed before the innovation of lagers. Altbiers are brewed using a strain of yeast that ferments at a higher temperature and from the top, whereas lagers are bottom fermented and can withstand cooler temperatures.

In simple terms, sipping an altbier is like consuming German history. At Enegren, they’ve taken the classic style and given it a boost in alcohol and flavor. Smooth, toasty, clean and complex, the Valkyrie Altbier puts Enegren on the radar — that and the fact that there isn’t a single beer on tap that isn’t worth your while.

Golden Spur Saison, 6.7 percent ABV 27 IBU, limited release.

Valkyrie California Altbier, 6.2 percent ABV 29 IBU, year-round release.

Visit Enegren Brewery, 680 Flinn Ave., # 31, Moorpark. Tap Room open Wednesday – Sunday.

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