The political battleground has been fierce. For the last four years, President Barack Obama has been the subject of scrutiny based on his religion, his birthplace, his policies, perhaps even his mere existence. It’s been very dramatic and exhausting for the average citizen. With new congressional and state senate districts, there is even more at stake for local residents in this election than before. Times are changing and the polarization of politics is taking its toll. But as citizens of this country and residents of this county and of our relative cities, now is not the time to back down. We must exercise our right to vote and put the type of leaders and initiatives in place that will make our communities and our society a better place for everyone.

With so many races, propositions and measures, we wanted to take some of the guess work out of it for our readers. We hope our endorsements serve as a guide to help you vote this election season. Don’t forget: Election Day is Nov. 6.