Homerun article

I just wanted to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed your article “The boys of summer” (Feature, 6/14) — one of the best articles I have read in the VC Reporter (and, indeed, anywhere) in a long time. I found it beautifully researched, full of curiosity and enthusiasm.

Keep it up!

David Jonas
Ventura County

Illegal immigrants at epicenter of epidemics

I recently read in the daily newspaper a letter by a Dr. David Carlisle (M.D.) who was replying to the Supreme Court’s decision to upload the Affordable Care Act.

Dr. Carlisle was adamant in insisting that much more needs to be done to ensure that an adequate number of primary care physicians are on the front lines (especially in poorer communities) and that illegal immigrants have equal access to purchase (or be mandated to purchase) private health-care policies, stating that both of these things are critical to maintaining public health and public safety in our country.

At the risk of sounding anti-immigrant, the fact is that immigrants can bring with them dangerous diseases. Especially when they are smuggled in or arrive illegally on their own. It is also no secret that illegals do not seek health care until their conditions reach critical (and contagious) stages.

If we ever suffer through a future killer epidemic in this country, the odds that the epidemic will have at it’s epicenter a community of secreted-away illegal aliens are very high indeed.

As Nancy Pelosi said upon passage of the Affordable Care Act, “This bill is only the beginning. Congress will undoubtedly need to revisit this bill and work on amending it in the future as specific needs become apparent.”
Upholding the laws passed by Congress is standard operating procedure with the Supreme Court, and upholding the Affordable Care Act is no exception.

Justin Markman

Clean up your act!

In response to Kit Stolz’s article “Plastic invasion, The consequences of convenience on the human body,” (Feature, 7/5) I would like to add that people, in the interest of convenience, which is a euphemism for laziness, quickly entrust outsiders, i.e., the health-care and food industries, with their health, apparently unwilling to accept that their mental, physical and emotional well-being is a direct result of their habits. I categorically state that no matter what is wrong with any aspect of a person’s health, it is not the result of a pill deficiency but instead is caused by what a person is eating, thinking, being or doing (or not doing in the case of lack of exercise or sufficient sleep) and that given the proper motivation, when a person finally becomes sick and tired of being sick and tired, that’s when things can change.  
It is no secret that what you eat and drink, whether or not you exercise and sleep sufficiently, how you manage stress, your connections to others, all affect your immune system, which is the body’s only actual defense against disease and decay. Toward that end, instead of giving your power over to others in the health-care industry, which only provide pills (for a price) that do nothing but suppress the symptoms of illness while bringing on a host of side effects which, you guessed it, cause a need for yet more pills, you can buy and prepare organic food, drink pure water, exercise, shut off the electronic gadgets so that you have time to visit with your friends and neighbors in real time, and then go to bed at a reasonable hour.

As Plato states in the “Allegory of the Cave,” people perceive life through a lens darkly.  Improve your lens by cleaning up your act; come into the light! Therein lies the solution to many of life’s problems. It has never been simpler or more complex than that.  

Julie Schaab



Let the music play!

The English novelist George Eliot wrote, “I think I should have no other mortal wants, if I could always have plenty of music. It seems to infuse strength into my limbs and ideas into my brain. Life seems to go on without effort, when I am filled with music.”

Unfortunately, the city of Ventura and at least one local resident do not appear to share Eliot’s views. This music-averse duo may soon be depriving both residents and visitors of the pleasure of hearing music by restricting which downtown Ventura businesses can provide musical entertainment. Why do this? Because this vocal resident continues to complain about traces of music heard coming from at least one downtown venue. News flash … sound travels! Personally, I find the sound of lawn mowers and jet aircraft flying low overhead annoying, but I would not expect the government to outlaw lawn mowing or flying anytime soon.

If we were talking about music blaring into the late evening here, I might sympathize with this person’s grumblings, but we are talking Sunday afternoons and a few early evenings each week in this case. It’s bad enough that local businesses already appear to have been forced to move their live music inside; now it may go away altogether in some cases. Isn’t it nice to sit on a patio in downtown Ventura (or anywhere for that matter) on a sunny afternoon and listen to great local music? The city, in support of one outspoken resident, threatens to suppress music, at least at one establishment, by revoking their entertainment permit. And remember all you downtown businesses who offer music, if it can happen to one business, it can happen to yours. The complaints of one, or even a few for that matter, in a circumstance such as this should NOT deny the many of musical enjoyment.

Music helps to support commerce in downtown Ventura. It brings in residents and visitors alike. It entertains and enriches our lives. It is a creative force that should be looked upon favorably versus with disdain. We should not be forced into the sound of silence due to a single disgruntled voice. I urge all music-loving residents, visitors and businesses to contact the city of Ventura to oppose such superfluous punitive actions against businesses that provide us with the gift of music. May the music play on in all Ventura businesses that wish to provide it for our enjoyment.


Chris Cowles

What happened to the promenade restoration project?

There once was a big sign on the Promenade telling us about the “improvements” taking place at inside point. It showed how they were moving the stairs a little to the south, I guess because they get pummeled every year and are in a constant state of crumble. It showed where the rinse of showers were going to be … where there were once a garden and grove of Palm trees. The sign said the project would be completed by fall 2011. They spent the entire summer of 2011 hogging all the parking on Poinsettia Place, they removed about a dozen beautiful shade trees and the raised beds some were planted in, dug up walkways that now just end, and replaced handsome vegetation with wood chips. They spent the entire summer working on the “balcony” area.

And for all of the peak tourist season had the Promenade at least halfway blocked and fenced in. It was a huge mess. Then they abruptly packed up and left a big ugly slab of cement where the park-like features used to be. Before they took the sign away, too (they left the frame), I called the city planner listed on the sign. I wish I’d thought to write down his name. I believe it was Reyes; I think Cole was listed, too? Mr. “Reyes” gave me some song and dance about how they were breaking for the tourist season (this was in November, mind you) but that the project would be finished. Shortly after I called, they came and got the sign. Word on the street is, the contractor took the money and ran after going way over budget farting around with the balcony thing for six months. Bottom line, it looks terrible there now. There are little pieces of plywood wired into the corners of the railing to keep dogs and small children from falling thorough the gap.  

The walkways they didn’t remove were badly damaged by their equipment and left that way. I, for one, would like an explanation.

Chris Jensen



Considering the next step

Thank you for a straightforward and objective report. The Grand Jury report on abusive code enforcement practices in Ventura should go to the attorney general. Conspiring to deprive people of their civil rights is a felony. The solutions to code enforcement’s problems were handed to the city by the public and the Ventura Safe Housing Collaborative, but they chose to ignore them. Maybe city officials thought the city could make more money from ticket writing than from an amnesty and grandfathering program. According to the Grand Jury, revenue generation was the goal.

Since the Grand Jury’s conclusions are thoroughly vetted by the county counsel, they will hold up in court. Maybe it is time to go to a higher court, now that the Grand Jury has proven the allegations of the code victims beyond a doubt. Certainly, the citizens will have to get the Safe City Initiative on the ballot, in the meantime, to protect themselves and their neighbors from code enforcement’s confiscatory practices.

The Grand Jury mentioned throughout the report that there were newspaper articles about these issues. As long as we have a free press, America will remain free. Thanks to the VC Reporter for the light you shine on controversial issues.

Camille Harris

Responding from Alhambra

Re: What the heck is going on, News, 6/14

Reading your story about “shady business” going on in Oxnard and Santa Paula, I thought I was reading the same old garbage I’m used to reading about similar situations in his area, for example in Pasadena and in Los Angeles, where the same “shady businesses” are part of the norm, but on a far bigger scale than you wrote about the two cities involved.

What bothers me is that is seems the city councils of all these cities are either not concerned about the problems you wrote about or are simply protecting themselves for the next elections. Different people are elected to help “clean city business,” instead they become part of the problem.

Re: An open letter to President Barack Obama

I am also very disappointed (really PISSED OFF!) because of President Obama’s failure to “change” and instead becoming just another politician. I refer to Obama as “Mini-Bush” because of not only continuing Bush’s agenda, but also adding to those agendas. I also have been a faithful Democratic supporter and voter since I started voting 53 years ago. This year, I will write in my candidate, which will not be Obama.

Instead of “change, yes we can!” you should have changed to “change, no WE WON’T,” because I feel Obama could have made changes but he chose not to!

Richard Nieto

From the web:

Same ol’ story

Re: When breaking the law is bueno, Right Persuasion, 6/21

Gotta love the conservative mind. Desperate people break the law to survive and give their kids a life. And it’s the end of the rule of law and the bringing of hell on earth that their kids raised in America but not born here get a couple of years’ grace.

But the banksters who brought down the economy? Or the polluter BP, or was it Halliburton’s flawed equipment? Either way, none of their execs will see the inside of a jail.

The real threats and bad guys get away, literally, with murder and they get another shot to do it again with the same rules.

— cassandra2



The status quo in Oxnard

Council members are trying to justify giving (Karen Burnham, interim Oxnard city manager) more money because she is working two jobs. (Oxnard, Santa Paula: What the heck is going on?, News-Slapshot, 06/14) This is specious and faulty logic because when an executive is hired at more than $200,000/year it is assumed she will put in 9-10 hours a day. They can’t really expect the poor lady to work 18-20 hours/day

They are not going to give her a “raise.” This a different position with a brand new pay scale. Although at $305,000/yr. she will be earning more than twice as much as the Governor.

I’m afraid they’ll negotiate a long-term contract and we’ll be saddled with her for the next four years.

This whole brouhaha has Sotelo’s fingerprints all over it. (Consent Calendar)

Dr. Donald Thibeault
Mayoral candidate, Oxnard, 2012

Shared perspectives

Regarding the “Power to Speak” by Grant Marcus, 6/21, finally we agree on something; Obama is a joke.  I wrote a very similar letter over three year ago and your readers called me a narrow-minded racist. I wonder if they will do the same to one of their own now that Mr. Marcus has seen the light?

Forrest Mize

Skirting around some blatant facts

In response to Mr. Moomjean’s assertation (that claims we have become a culture saying it’s OK to break a law (Right Persuasion, 6/21), I would like to remind him that President Obama’s new policy is such that NOBODY is breaking the law. It adjusts the law to allow our young, educated, decent people to stay, to pursue their educations, to pursue citizenship, and eliminates the fear of being deported. These young people were brought here as infants or toddlers, have grown up here, speak the language and are indicating, by way of staying, their wish to stay and become positive contributing members of our country. Mr. Moomjean suggests that we replace the word “immigrant” (etc.) with “criminal” (etc.), which is a spurious argument at best. Obviously, he sees immigrants and criminals as of the same ilk, which is criminal in itself, but we are all immigrants, Mr. Moomjean, except for Native Americans, who, ironically and hideously, are treated like criminals. So, yes, watch yourself. Hell on earth already visited this country.

Jan Richman Schulman








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