Mitt Romney should just stop campaigning right now, and not because he can’t win but because the Democrats are doing a great job arguing for him and shooting themselves in the foot.

Recently, Vice President Joe Biden created a stir of controversy by declaring a war on those opposed to same sex marriage, prompting Obama to step in line with a very progressive and liberal stance, thereby rallying the evangelical base against him. Camp Romney got a Christmas gift before summer, bringing his poll numbers up and creating a public relations nightmare in the White House. Now, Bill Clinton has come out in his support of Romney as a very qualified candidate, begging me to ask the question: What is Slick Willy up to?

A few weeks ago (May 13-15) FOX News reported Romney seven points behind Obama in a national poll; ABC and NBC News showed Romney hovering three and four points behind the president; but as of May 31, Romney is one point ahead of Obama in both the Rasmussen and Gallup polls. These numbers are coming after the same-sex debate flooded the 24-hour news cycle, and now Obama, in the words of Ricky Ricardo, “has some ’splainin’ to do.” Romney hasn’t presented any revolutionary message or inspired anyone lately, but due to his opponent’s mistakes, the numbers are bringing themselves up.

If that wasn’t enough for Romney, now comes support from the most unlikely source: Bill Clinton. On Thursday, May 30, Clinton, a former president who looks better and better upon reflection, came out and defended Romney’s business record and national qualifications.     “I don’t think that we ought to get into the position where we say, ‘This is bad work. This is good work,’ “ Clinton said on CNN. “The man who has been governor and had a sterling business career crosses the qualification threshold.”

While his words seem innocent and respectful at first glance, they are also the most damaging words Obama could hear coming from the husband of his Secretary of State. Isn’t the entire point of debates and campaign ads to show how unqualified the other guy is? If Romney has passed “the qualification threshold,” then where’s the fear in electing him? If a moderate Democrat like Clinton likes him as a candidate, why shouldn’t other moderate Blue Dog Democrats? Clinton just shot the other foot in the Obama campaign.

Clinton went on to add that he felt Romney’s time working with Bain Capital was “sterling” and represented a “good business career.” The gravy train couldn’t be any more on track for Camp Romney. Who needs paid advisers, strategists and managers, with the other side doing so much work?

Of course, the question becomes, what is happening? Is Clinton missing Hillary and therefore wants her home again and not traveling the world? Maybe he’s becoming the old adage, often attributed to Winston Churchill, “If you are young and not liberal you have no heart, but if you are old and not conservative you have no brain.” Has old age created an appreciation for conservatism? Probably not.

In all reality, my conspiracy theory is that Clinton is hoping his wife, Hillary, can run in 2016 without the bad taste Obama will leave the country with, assuming he gets re-elected. Clinton is no dummy. He understands that he is still a powerful voice in politics. He also understands that having the Democratic Party in the White House beyond eight years in a row is nearly impossible. If Obama wins this November, Hillary will not go down as the first woman president, but instead as one of our country’s most respected ambassadors.

Right now, Hillary Clinton stands at a 68 percent approval rating. She has become the independent voter’s dream candidate. If she ran as a third-party candidate, she could pull it off, but that would never happen. Imagine if Romney won because she split the vote? She’d be lucky to get a job at a D.C. McDonald’s.

So maybe Bill is trying to help in a very suspicious way, or maybe he’s seen the light. Either way, if I can ascribe the Churchill adage to Bill, I suppose the adage I would give Hillary is, “Always a bridesmaid ….”