Re: “Off to the library” and regarding “Finding my religion”

That nice fellow who wrote in about his religion is sadly very wrong, He is not allowed to read the prolific truth available about Scientology on the net, and if he does read it he is told it is all lies by his bosses, who lie. They do find out on OT111 about Zenu and the space opera stuff. By that time they are so brainwashed they will believe anything. Now that the net has blown it wide open and people have been protesting all over the world, it is harder to hide from the facts. There is just enough good stuff in Scientology to get people hooked in the beginning. From there on out it is all about brainwashing, money and slave labor. It’s only a religion for tax purposes. I know this because I was there.

My entire family and many, many friends have been utterly and completely destroyed.

In the cult for years only to die of broken hearts, cancers and suicides.

Betrayed by our “church” when we were loyal, philanthropic, compassionate, spiritual thinkers, university grads, rich in ability and property, full of love for our fellow man and the desire to make a difference in the world.

We came, had a blast at first, the screws were tightened, we signed contracts, slept on floors, were enslaved, coerced into abortions, gave all of our money, time, energy, youth, some of our children, lost everything, lost most of our friends, first going in, then hundreds upon coming out.

L. Ron Hubbard lied. LRH was a lying, thieving, charming psychopath. He took some good stuff from many others, and used it to enslave us all, used me, stole my money, and betrayed me in the deepest, most primal kind of way.

O! I AM FINALLY FREE! (Of his brainwashing)

The N.Y. Village Voice has recently released a very long series of articles titled: The Top 25 People Crippling Scientology and No 1 is L. Ron Hubbard himself! Being dead for 25 years hasn’t stopped him from ruining his own cult. That’s your first link:

The overwhelming evidence:



Support for Weir and Heitmann
I have worked with both Christy Weir and Cheryl Heitmann in various capacities and have great respect and admiration for their dedication, listening ability, intellect and endless energy to serve our community. I hope you will join Loretta and me in supporting their election to serve us on the City Council in the upcoming election contest.

Mike Merewether

Rencher gets it
I agree with Brian Lee Rencher on the poor state of affairs in the city of Ventura. It has essentially become a low-tech city with low-wage earners. The beaches are poorly maintained and the city officials are out of touch with reality. For example, property prices have come down substantially, yet they refuse to scale down the taxes.

The salvation of the city lies in inviting clean, high-tech industry into the city in area as IT, high-end engineering, pharmaceuticals and, importantly, a university that will change the entire scenario. Harping on “tourism” only is a recipe of disaster and Mr. Rencher seems to have the right idea in this regard.

K. K. Gupta, Ph. D