RE: Religious evolution, News, 9/22

I thought you might be interested in an article that just came out recently: Religion and Science can coexist, scientists say in new study ( Rice University Professor Elaine Ecklund’s study involved interviewing 275 tenure-track faculty. Some of the findings were:

— The majority, 70 percent, said religion and science are only sometimes in conflict.

— Scientists who say they are spiritual or religious are less likely to see religion and science as being in conflict.

— Nearly all scientists interviewed, whether they are religious or nonreligious, said they did not agree with teaching “intelligent design” in public schools.

— The most religious scientists were overall described in positive terms by their nonreligious peers.

Donald W. Ingwerson
Media and Government Relations
Christian Science in Southern California
Laguna Beach

Why don’t they bail us out?
Congress and the administration need to take immediate action to help American families who are hurting from lack of jobs, unpayable medical bills, poor nutrition and other problems linked to our ongoing economic crisis.

I am deeply worried about people who cannot afford needed medical care or prescription medications because of the high co-pays and deductibles and other deterioration in health and living standards I see from people who are in economic trouble.

Instead of a Wall Street “super committee” that will propose more cuts in programs that help people and more handouts to Wall Street bankers, we need Main Street commissions that will focus on different priorities, jobs at living wages, health care for all, quality education for our children, and freedom from hunger and homelessness.

I am calling on Congress and the White House to tax the big banks and other Wall Street speculators who gambled with our mortgages and pensions, and use the revenue for national recovery and rebuilding our communities.

Gail Furillo

Take me out to the ballgame
One important item missing from our current debates is the cost of professional sports entertainment. Most families I know, including my sons and their grandkids, cannot attend America’s favorite sports due to their prohibitive costs. A family of four can easily spend $200 to see a Dodgers game, a sport which is considered “reasonably” priced. If and when my sons decide to see the Lakers, they must undergo a revamping of their entire budget for a month or two or have a solid connection with Khloe Kardashian’s husband, Lamar. 

If I knew the administrative ins and outs of business, initiating a Sports Fan’s Union, would be a priority goal. If I ran such a union, the threat of boycott would loom over the sports industry, and the moguls at the top would feel the pinch. That applies to sports paraphernalia, too. Each time I see a logo on someone’s head or back, I cringe to think, “There goes a fan burning more hard-earned cash to make the fat cats fatter.” Rather than purchase a Lakers shirt for 50 bucks, the organization should pay us advertising fees.

I know how absurd this must sound to the public, but isn’t it much more insane to bite the bait like an ignorant fish?  If we are going to continue shoveling money into the pro sports industry, we don’t have any reason to complain about the economy. We get what we ask for.

Miguel Espinosa

Thank you, volunteers
We would like to thank the more than 800 volunteers who came out to participate in the 27th annual California Coastal Cleanup Day at Ormond Beach (Arnold Road to J Street canal) and Mandalay County Park (Fifth Street to the GenOn plant) on Saturday morning, 9/17. This amazing force of volunteers collected and removed well over one ton of trash and more than 100 pounds of recyclable items from these two sites, which represent almost four miles of California coastline and are home to two endangered species, western snowy plover and California least tern. Many of those volunteers were local teachers and their students, as well as civic organizations, but all of the people who helped provided a giant service to our local community and environment.  

A special thank-you is also due to the employees at GenOn’s Ormond Beach and Mandalay Generating Stations, who for more than 10 years have generously allowed us to operate on their property and have fully supported California Coastal Cleanup Day.  Every year, GenOn is a Ventura County “Whale of a Sponsor.” The workers and their families at both sites provide a safe and friendly atmosphere. As if that is not enough, the employees provide lunch to all the volunteers at the conclusion of the cleanup.

We cannot say THANK YOU enough to all of the volunteers and to the GenOn employees for once again making this event a huge success.

Ron & Barbara Barrett
Co-captains Ormond Beach