Butch Warner’s article was one of the most informative and entertaining articles I have read on this topic. The quick reference charts were fantastic. I have read this writer’s articles in the past and they are always well-written with a flare. I hope to see more of his work.

Dora McLean, Ph.D.

It’ll take you five minutes
How pleased I was, at first, to see an article in the VC Reporter about this subject (“Finding my religion,” cover feature, 8/25), and especially one that included my religion. How shocked I was to read such an unbelievably absurd description of my beliefs. The author of this article had obviously taken five minutes to visit wicca.com to present a truthful summary of that religion, but could not take five minutes to visit scientology.org to meet his own claim to present an “expert and unbiased review.” ROFLMAO to Butch Warner’s rating, not only of Scientology, but of other religions, including Christianity as “highly incredulous, very warlike” and that Native American ceremonies “often use psilocybin.” I’m guessing most of this research came not from his own expertise but from the best source on the Internet for getting an F on a term paper, Wikipedia.

The villainous anonymous mask on the cover broadcasts the not-so-subtle discriminatory nature of Mr. Warner’s article. It may as well be the author wearing the mask, expressing his true disdain for religion. If the VCReporter has any interest in true and honest reporting, you will correct this travesty by publishing a truly unbiased summary of Scientology beliefs. Do what Mr. Warner failed to do and visit http://www.scientology.org/faq/scientology-beliefs-and-practices/what-are-the-religious-tenets-of-scientology.html.

It will only take you five minutes.

David Cintron

The spiritual side
I enjoyed reading your article in the August VCReporter (“Finding my religion,” cover feature, 8/25). I would imagine that the people in Ventura County will also be interested in learning more about the various kinds of spiritual centers that exist in their area. For instance, I am involved with A Place of Peace, but I know of other groups such as the Center for Spiritual Living and Unity, just to name a few. We find many people are disaffected with their religious upbringings and are looking for something more along the august spiritual lines. I just wanted to pass that along to you for your consideration. Blessings.


Right into the trash heap
Your Sept. 8 edition is the most pathetic collection of agitprop drivel I have ever seen assembled in one place since Air America Radio went out of business (9/11, Ten Years Later). Blaming Bush in the editorial, bashing conservatives and Christians in the sad little DNC talking-point letter from Tom Becham (Letters) and then an antiwar rant by Tom Hayden (News); is this really the best you can do? Not everyone in Ventura is a far-left kook. Then you top it all off with a Power to Speak by A. Mosshammer that attempts to rehash the old 9/11 truther conspiracy that has been so thoroughly debunked that even the hard-core tinfoil-hat wearers at Daily Kos and Michaelmoore.com have left it behind. It seems that none of them could ever explain why nobody saw those hundreds of government demolition experts wiring up the WTC to blow up, but millions of people witnessed the jets full of fuel crashing into the towers.  

I find it ignorant and disrespectful to run such a hateful opinion piece on the anniversary of a terror attack that changed the world. What’s the matter, couldn’t you get Jane Fonda to write an opinion piece on the Vietnam War?

Your paper is going to follow Air America into the trash heap of history when you chase away all your normal readers printing leftist propaganda and lies.

Forrest Mize (my real name)

Why “free energy”?!
What a pile of patriotic fluff that we were all inundated with on the one-decade marker of 9/11. Thank you, courageous editors of the Ventura County Reporter for printing tan article that announced the publication of the fantastic book #Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11# by Dr. Judy Wood.

Her impeccable scientific research showed how “free energy” was used as an “advanced highly classified weaponry” at the WTC on 9/11. Folks, we are also rapidly learning that the same “free energy” could be put to a most beneficial use for humanity. This knowledge is, in potential — huge! For initially “free energy” could make our dependence on nuclear power and fossil fuel totally obsolete. And this is just the beginning. This should be shouted from every mountain top! At the same time, every creative scientific genius working in this direction needs our full protection and our full moral support! We are more then ready. If the push in this direction were big and bold enough, nothing could stop us!

Nina Remensperger
Santa Paula