Your editorial doesn’t explain why the E-Verify system of checking workers’ eligibility is so much harder to use than “the cumbersome and costly I-9 forms,” but for the moment, let’s assume that it begins to be used widely and pushes law-breaking illegal workers out of some jobs.  

These jobs, now vacant, won’t be filled by Americans, goes the conventional wisdom. But by general agreement, that’s because the jobs don’t pay enough. So if employers can no longer fill the jobs by exploiting underpaid workers, their only recourse will be to pay more.  

Then the jobs will be filled. Then their product will become more expensive. Then there’ll be more people with more money to buy those products. Isn’t that how the capitalist system works? And will continue to work until we get a better system….

John Wilcock

Bank of America isn’t on our side
I understand that our state needs to reduce some of its costs. But I fail to see how handing over unemployment insurance funds to Bank of America accomplishes this. Access to our funds is now only available through its debit cards. You have, in effect, created a middleman where there once was none. And I am sure that Bank of America is prof  iting from this in some way.

To add insult to injury, Bank of America has been proven to be one of the villains in the current economic crisis.

In almost every case, privatization ends up costing the government (which is the taxpayer) more, rather than less. A case in point is the fact that you are continuing to send out paper letters for our claims, so there is no savings in paper or postage.  I am appalled at this new development and request that [our state-run finance departments and elected officials] look into the reasons for it and discontinue it as soon as possible.

Mary Volpe

Closet tea partiers?
Upon learning by rumor that two of our candidates for City Council in Ventura are Tea Party members, I checked the Internet and both Bill Knox and Carla Bonney are very active members of the Ventura Tea Party. Neither of these people is publicly providing that information to the voters of Ventura while listing many of their other affiliations.  
The Tea Party members I know are proud of this affiliation so I am left to wonder why Bonney and Knox prefer to leave this out of their ads — seems disingenuous.

Karen Szatkowski

If elected, may the gods have mercy!
In the Meet the Candidates article, you ran a story on Carla Bonney wherein you asked her a few very soft questions.

Bonney is not only an expert on “art framing, art sales, vacation rentals,”  which all, of course, certainly more than qualify her to sit on the Ventura Council dais and disseminate her wisdom to one and all. Bonney is also the head mucky muck of the Ventura Tea Party.

Now, of course, no questions were asked of Bonney about her involvement with the Tea Party and their contention that Social Security and Medicare should be abolished, that all federal funding for education, health, senior care, early childhood education should also be eliminated.

Bonney goes on to say that if elected she will, “Legally represent our people, while guarding their guaranteed personal rights.” Amazingly, it seems Bonney failed to include her law degree in her recent work history.

Then she, of course, as the high mucky muck of the Tea Party, wants to remove Ventura from the Google maps or at least remove the new Ventura maps from the city website. She states that she believes this invades our right to privacy and the right to curtilage. (By the way the Encarta Dictionary defines “curtilage” as an enclosed area occupied by a dwelling, grounds and outbuildings.) How a map of any kind can affect “curtilage” is a true mystery. Secondly, if Bonney really thinks that in this day of instant information she truly has any “privacy,” I am afraid she is sorely mistaken.

To improve public transportation, she offers up the suggestion that smaller buses and more trips would be the answer.

Of course, she completely ignores the fact that if there were smaller buses and more trips it would require more employees to operate these “more, smaller buses,” which would, of course, require the increase of fees to ride these smaller buses.

So if you are desirous of the idea of no Social Security, no Medicare, no funding for education, health, seniors, or young children. By all means vote for Carla Bonney. If she is elected, however, may the gods have mercy on us all.

Rellis Smith