I had written to you once before about what I felt to be the offensiveness of Mr. Moomjean’s extreme right-wing editorials.  You replied that Ventura has a very conservative base, and that you provided the liberal balance to Mr. Moomjean’s mega-conservative rants.  That was certainly not the case in this week’s issue.  While you pointed out that the GOP’s obstructionism prevents Obama from getting anything done, you then went on to bemoan the fact we no longer have strong leaders.  How can anybody be a strong leader when his balls have been cut off by people whose sole mission is to see him fail?  While some on the left wish that Obama would tell the Republicans to shove it, he has instead (with very mixed results) chosen to try to work with what he has.  I sense that you understand that.

Mr. Moomjean, however, takes it upon himself to address the young minds of today with a piece of self-righteous drivel, informing them that their weak, unmanly president wants them to remain children forever, that girls shouldn’t feel bad about embracing their Godly role of being housewives (like most could afford that anyway),and that the ACLU is taking away their liberty by protecting the separation of church and state.  Mr. Moomjean somehow feels he has the qualifications to speak for God.  I, personally, don’t feel his words are even worthy of this newspaper.

Contrary to his gratuitous slam at Europeans, at this juncture in history, our country desperately needs thinkers.  I am sorry that  Mr. Moomjean is not one of them.

Bruce Ferber

Progressive state of mind
I’m sick and tired of people of the communist/socialist (a new twist on an old and discredited institution: slavery) persuasion calling themselves “progressives.” It’s a subtle, yet powerful, word game they use to insinuate that people who are opposed to communist/socialist institutions and policies are anti-progress. How a political ideology that — when put into actual practice — caused human suffering, economic failure, environmental devastation and death to an incomprehensibly evil degree was able to claim the mantle of “progress” will forever remain a mystery to me. That so many millions still proudly adhere to this ideology is even more puzzling.

We’ve all heard the admonishment about “learning from history” lest its mistakes be repeated, but it seems always to fall on deaf ears. To all the communists out there: stop pretending that those who disagree with you are against progress. The truth of the matter is that the biggest obstacle to real progress and human advancement is the very people who dishonestly claim that word for themselves.

Shane Solano

Just say no to e-taxation
I own So Cal Surveyors, proud to be part of the Ventura County community.

Like all small businesses, we struggle to survive in these difficult economic times. Now there is a new threat that all California small businesses should be aware of. If signed by the Governor, a tax proposal in the form of Assembly Bill 28X would place a new tax burden on Internet sales, which would disadvantage small businesses that compete with big retailers.

New tax burdens that fall disproportionately on small businesses impact everyone. More small business failures mean fewer jobs and fewer tax revenues for schools, libraries and public safety.

The Coalition to Protect Small Business Jobs is urging the Governor to veto AB 28X. I support its efforts and urge other small businesses to join me in the fight by calling 800-319-4150 or visiting its website at www.ProtectSmallBusinessJobs.com.

The deck is already stacked against small businesses, and many simply cannot shoulder one more burden. Join the fight today to protect small businesses.

Misha Georgevitch
Simi Valley

From the web:
RE: “Should they or should they go?” (News, 6-16)

To pay or not to pay?
Recent years have given birth to a boom downtown, where it was difficult to find a spot to park on Main Street on the weekends. Unless, of course, you knew where to park or rode your bike. Now we have meters, again! Yes, we had meters before, but there wasn’t much use for them back then. So we have them again and I say they should stay because of the revenue, it’s easier to park on Main Street now, and a majority of merchants prefer them. Yes, I did ask. I’m not 100 percent behind our city government, but I’m not behind a group of “concerned citizens” who want to impose their concerns on the majority of people in this city. Whenever I travel to other cities and countries, I pay for parking — considerably more than in Ventura. And I don’t think we need to have a vote on every issue regarding Ventura that the City Council approves. That is why we elected them — so if you don’t like parking meters or the way Ventura majority likes our city, then move!

— runventura

Oh, great. Parking Wars.
Part I
I’ve used the meters. They work fine and are easy to comprehend. Easier than my iPhone. Bonney needs a sedative and … flies into the public eye on the coattails of illegal immigration, and now she’s an expert on parking funds? Not really. She’s just LOUD and a wannabe Chelene Nightingale. The only resemblance is the shrill tenor of the voices. …

This is not about faux patriotism. It’s about a budget badly in need of an influx of FUNDS. Troc is right. It’s expected that we pay for parking at the beach, and Ventura needs to collect the funds in order to maintain the city. It’s a BUCK. Put your flag down, Bonney, get a job and pay the dollar if you REALLY love Ventura.

Sick and tired of it. Every time I open a paper around here, I got Carla Bonney giving her hillbilly, knuckle-dragging opinion on something. Who cares? So she’s loud! In my mom’s day that would be reason to hit her with a trank and start her on a calming blend of valium and peach schnapps.

Part II
Ah! A “fair and balanced” opinion. “Voters can expect articles FROM SUPPORTERS, including the DVO … using inaccurate information.”

Voters can expect emotionally charged, whining-making nonsense statements like “ignoring the will of the people,” too. So the supporters “ignore the will of the people” simply by challenging YOUR SIDE?? Odd.

In the future, when Ventura experiences a shortfall and must cut city services, we’ll expect you on the roof, thanking them for pulling the meters and saving you a dime. Don’t forget your flag.

— pin up girl

All about democracy
I applaud the success of the ballot measure.

More than 10,000 voters signed the petition to take this issue where it should have been taken in the beginning — to the taxpayers, the people who pay the bills and bring their business downtown.

Between now and November, voters can expect articles from supporters, including the DVO and city officials, hoping to change your minds using inaccurate information and ignoring the will of the people, the most troubling aspect of this issue. Remember, politicians are elected to serve you!

Whether you support or oppose the parking meters, both the merchants and residents must have the freedom to choose on Election Day. This is democracy in action and I encourage everyone to embrace it.

— AlphabetSoup

Pay a $1 more for …
I love the parking meters! Before, I would head downtown for a meal or a movie and hunt for ages to find a spot. I know from friends who work downtown that many prime spots were occupied by employees of downtown businesses. I would gladly pay $1 extra to eat in our wonderful downtown. The restaurants and shops are my faves. And thankfully, now I can always get a spot within a block of where I’m headed.

And love seeing the extra policefolk, too!

— Ventopian

Make good use of the extra funds
Although the timing may have not been perfect as far as the installation of the meters (Christmas holidays and the recession), they are something the city should have done long ago. If Venturans want to see improvements done in their city, there must be funds to pay for them. Almost every beach city south of Ventura has paid parking and Ventura was missing out on low-hanging fruit for quite a while. Let’s hope we can start making some improvements to our fair city along the beach side promenade, Marina Park and Seaward Avenue with the funds collected from the parking.

— Troc2