Here we go again. Another unneeded, unwanted residential development taking out more agricultural land, and this time harming sensitive habitat area at Ormond Beach.

Only a few years back, we lived through the same scenario at Northshore on the other side of town. In that case, a thought-to-be-extinct plant, rediscovered, couldn’t stop the bulldozers. Amazingly, the Oxnard City Council annexed an old toxic waste dump into the city to facilitate the project. Of course, this also brought with it substantial liability for cleanup and future litigation. Usually, cities try to avoid such entanglements — but not Oxnard. Anyway, they did have the excuse that they were trying to help the old-money clan in Oxnard.

Bottom line, seven or eight years later the developer has gone bankrupt and the project sits uncompleted. Isn’t this an indictment on all that was promised when the project was presented to the city? Isn’t this proof that the economic model that was used is fatally flawed?

The land at Southshore is too low for residential, so the developer is putting the whole project on a gigantic mound of earth. Of course, this is an admission of liability by the city who will then act as an insurance policy for the project. Guess who pays if there is a flooding problem? Hey, it’s not like we live in Japan. It could never happen here.

Ormond Beach Observers is opposed to this project because of the harm it creates for the sensitive habitat area at Ormond Beach. Residents will be packed into the project like sardines in a can. They will then use Ormond as a place to get away from the urban sprawl. You can’t blame them. But you can blame the planners and politicians who would allow such a monstrosity to happen.

As usual, the environmental documents claim no impacts for the most part. A few dollars will pay dispensation for the sins that follow. It’s institutional dishonesty at its best.

OBO is part of a group that has studied the Ormond area for years. The Ormond Beach Task Force created a Consensus Plan in 1998, revised in 2003, that recommended leaving this land in agriculture. We were concerned with the potential harm to wildlife but also concerned with encroachment on Naval Base Ventura County at Point Mugu. At that time, the Navy representative expressed the view that residential development in that location could subject the base to eventual closure.

Lastly, is anyone out there watching the news reports or reading the papers about the housing market? What I see is that we are still in a protracted slump. My friend, an Oxnard realtor, says the last thing Oxnard needs is to have thousands more units dumped into an already flooded market. She says that right now it’s really rough out there. And what of current homeowners trying to get equity out of their Oxnard homes?

Can Oxnard afford to give away entitlements worth millions, backed up by taxpayers in the worst economy since the Great Depression? Before you answer, drive by Northshore at the northwest corner of Harbor and Fifth Street. That was passed in good times.

Northshore, Southshore. Sounds similar, doesn’t it?

Al Sanders
President, Ormond Beach Observers

Ashamed of American politics
Just a quick FYI to all the “liberals” who have an irrational love of Obama:

The man you voted for has turned out to be a continuation of the reign of Bush the Younger! I now christen Obama: “Black Bush”! 

It’s funny that the same president who so casually ignored Congress and the Constitution in order to pursue a “humanitarian” bombing campaign against Libya — a blatant act of aggressive war against another sovereign country, by the way — at a cost of many tens of millions of dollars and counting is, his defenders would have us believe, totally powerless to do anything about Guantanamo Prison. I smell another Nobel Peace Prize for Mr. Hope and Change! 

The Obama cultists will go to any lengths, apparently, to defend the object of their worship. Much of the attraction to presidential candidate Obama was due to him being perceived as a peace candidate as well as one who would “do right” by closing down Gitmo and putting an end to the federal government’s explicit policy of torturing its prisoners.

What do the Obamatons say now? That it would hurt him politically to keep the promises he made — the same promises that helped propel him into the presidency in 2008! Huh? Come again?! Do liberals really expect to be taken seriously here? What dupes! What shameless, self-loathing, hypocritical, cowardly dupes!  Just because you got duped in 2008, doesn’t mean you must now become willing dupes. 

Have the self-respect to be honest with yourselves: you got conned by a master. Obama told you what you wanted to hear, got your money and your votes, and will now ignore you until campaign season 2012. To the depressingly large number of Obamaniacs who came to my door or bothered me while I was trying to have a beer at the bar, insisting Obama was gonna “save the world”: What did I tell y’all? I sincerely hope you remember what I told each and every one of you: Obama is scamming you. I have some advice for you, my foolish liberal brothers and sisters: grow a backbone, get some integrity, and stop pretending Black Bush is doing anything but insulting your intelligence and viewing you as nothing more than useful idiots.

Oh, and don’t think I’ve forgotten you, conservatives! Y’all are just as hypocritical as the liberals, in that you’re endlessly criticizing Obama for everything he does and says — when he’s doing the exact same things you cheered Bush for doing! When Bush was in office y’all took the liberals to task for being “disrespectful” and “unsupportive” of a wartime president — according to many conservatives, this “undermined” the war effort and presented a disunited front against the dreaded Islams. Apparently, wartime presidents are only entitled to respect and support if they have an “R” next to their names. 

Conservatives are only for small government when Democrats are in charge … liberals are only anti-war when Republicans are. There’s nothing that turns reasonably intelligent and good people into stark-raving lunatics and raging hypocrites like partisan politics. I am truly embarrassed for, and ashamed of, the American electorate.

Shane Solano