Bernie Sanders spoke for eight hours with only two interruptions in a Senate teach-in, explaining why the “compromise” tax bill was irresponsible and unwise. However it goes, we all owe this stalwart a vote of thanks for speaking up for all Americans against Obama’s sell-out.

We don’t normally hear much about this politician who has all the flash of an accountant and who advertises himself as a Democratic Socialist, a label one might imagine the kiss of death in this country. (His “socialist” is the social welfare agenda exemplified by Scandinavians and other Europeans rather than the classic Marxist definition.) Further, he runs as an Independent, often against Democrats, the party with which he caucuses. Yet regardless of which party designation his opponents have, the voters of Vermont have returned him to a succession of high offices — four term mayor of Burlington, House Representative seven times, and now Senator — usually by wide margins. And always, he is an intelligent, knowledgeable and articulate voice in a wilderness of screamers and knee jerk ideologues.

The eight-hour marathon had to be a strain for this 69 year old. Hopefully his health can stand it. If not, at least Vermont has decent health care for its citizens, unlike most of the country.

Bravo, Bernie.
Margaret Morris

Hypocrites calling out hypocrisy
Tom Becham grilled Paul Moomjean (Power to Speak, 12/9) for sounding like “a typical spew-right-wing-talking-points-verbatim guy,” akin to some guys on the right that liberals love to hate:  Hannity and Beck. Amusingly, throughout his very silly piece, Mr. Becham came off like a Bizarro-world version of Mr. Moomjean: a spew-left-wing-talking-points-verbatim-guy who conjured up images of guys conservatives love-to-hate: Olberman and Maddow.

Mr. Becham pointed out a half dozen examples of “political terrorism” committed within the last 30 years by people he chose to label “conservative.” I imagine he drew an arbitrary line at 30 years in order to conveniently leave out acts of “political terrorism” carried out by those generally labeled as being “liberal” during the ’60s and ’70s. In any event, Mr. Becham then made an outrageously specious insinuation that, since people he conveniently labeled “conservative” were to blame for these acts, all 50 or 60 million who label themselves “conservative” in this country are guilty by association and inherently more likely to be “violent nutcases” than those wonderful, peace-loving, independent-minded liberals who vote Democratic every election. This may have been the most vile bit of anti-intellectual pap I’ve seen printed in the Reporter. Talk about being ideologically blinded by hatred!

During the ’90s beloved liberal icon William Jefferson Clinton engaged in a bit of political terrorism himself. He, as commander in chief, enforced a naval blockade/embargo against Iraq, which contributed to the deaths of upwards of a million non-combatant civilians. For kicks, visit YouTube and search for “madeleine albright price worth it” to see this wretched creature from the Clinton administration casually defend their murder of a half million Iraqi children. And most liberals claim Clinton’s worst transgression was taking advantage of an intern?! Now I’m not saying all liberals are child mass-murdering cretins, but …

More Bizarro-world hijinks ensued when Mr. Becham claimed the phrases and words “entitlement programs, socialism, big government” were actually Tea Party code words for “nigger.”  If Mr. Becham insists on playing by Bizarro-world rules, I guess this means that when liberals say “private charity, capitalism, small government,” it’s code for anti-white racial slurs (“wiggers”?).  I urge Mr. Becham to attend a Tea Party rally and a Dave Chappelle performance and see where he hears “nigger” said more often. Of course, in liberal Bizarro-world, only whites can be racist and judged solely on the color of their skin, so it’d probably be pointless.

The Tom Bechams of the world are way too busy trumpeting the hypocrisy of the Paul Moomjeans of the world to ever consider their own glaring hypocrisy. Good thing I’m here to do it for them!

Shane Solano