No one denies that the American Economy was headed into a Great Depression in ’08, and was only saved by massive federal action in the form of the emergency financial bailout measures taken by Congress (beginning in ’08 under the Bush Administration); while nobody can argue that the emergency that is still hitting home and TAKING the homes of many thousands of Americans each month, and that has ruined the savings and retirements of tens, if not hundreds, of thousands more Americans was created as a direct result of Republican “free market” economics, going back to the Banking Deregulation Act of 2000 (and earlier), and resulting in the “bundling” of toxic loans and “derivatives,” in a scheme so sophisticated that it confounded governments and economists the World over, causing World-wide financial panics and melt-downs when the true value of these toxic assets became known.

What’s equally toxic is this Republican mass denial of the facts going on in this election season as the righties with their constant Obama-bashing refuse to concede that it takes time to turn the Titanic away from the rocks and hidden icebergs still floating just off the bow, and that it may take easily as long to correct as it took the Republicans and their corporate Wall Street and foreign corporate cartel overlords to get us into this Third World-like economic emergency. And that’s only IF we allow the Democrats to retain control over this emergency economy and of Congress and the White House for the next four years, at least, eight years to be safe, before we can even entertain the thought of returning to the free-wheeling ways of the Republican government-run casino they call their “free market” economy.

In the meantime, while the tea-totaled Tea Party piss ants are busy screaming “Obama the Socialist,” “Obama the Muslim” and “Obama the non-American,” we of composed intellect need to a) pay them NO SERIOUS ATTENTION in the media (they own enough mass media outlets as is) and b) OUT-VOTE THEM on Election Day and BEFORE Election Day (by absentee paper ballots). And we need to WATCH THOSE VOTING MACHINES!

Replacing the government (especially with the financial criminals who got us into this mess) just two short years following the rescuing of the largest economy in the world (and the rest of the world’s economies at the same time) from certain and total collapse is nothing short of economic suicide. It would mean a return to the cavalier ways of the free market “Banksters” on Wall St. who, if they had their way with a Republican-controlled Congress, would return to privatizing more of our military & more of our vital government services & would further avoid paying their corporate taxes while off-shoring our jobs & their profits. We’d also be powerless as they privatized (i.e. gambled with) with Social Security funds and even VA benefits.

It will take some time to rebuild the economies of the world from this latest move by the corporate elitists to create a worldwide economic meltdown. These people are financial terrorists. Make no mistake about it. They are wealthy beyond our wildest comprehension, they operate in secrecy outside the laws of any one nation, and they hate our freedom.

While some of them may be Muslim, some may be Christian or Hindu or Jew or athiest. One thing’s for sure — they play fast and loose with the economies of the world, they “privatize” profits and “socialize” loss (i.e., demand bailouts like a gangster holding a gun to the head of a hostage) but there is one thing they are not. And that is the radical Muslim terrorists that they have had us chasing since 9/11, distracting us by day and by night while they prepared to rob the bank.

These corporate financial terrorists have no shame, and they care about no nation. They may be able to crash our economy no matter who we elect to save us, but at least we can try to stick with the current plan of trying to make them pay their fair share of taxes, and making sure they play by the rules (as far as possible).

These are slick corporate outlaws we’re up against — criminals who know just where to go to be outside the reach of our legal and tax systems. They are, in reality, the actual definition of “outlaw” — one who operates outside of the law. And they’ve become so stinking rich at being outlaws that they’ve purchased entire political parties in this country to eliminate the laws they don’t like, and to replace those laws with ones that they do.

So just remember on Election Day who the GOP really is — the Gangster-Owned Politicians, the lapdogs for the financial criminals just waiting for us to make the mistake of putting them back in power, just because we didn’t give the Democrats enough time to turn this Titanic mess around.   

Justin Markman is an outspoken Democrat living in Ventura.