I’m a regular reader of the VC Reporter and am pretty liberal on a lot of issues.

I think you let too many shingles blow off your roof with your endorsement of a mosque in NYC (Editorial, 8/12).

Yes, the Constitution is a wonderful document, and we are a fortunate country to have lived under its protections and benefits for so long.

But to let a few words written more than 200 years ago be the architect of our ultimate destruction strikes me as insane and suicidal.

Islam is more than a religion. In my opinion, it is an ideology bent on world conquest by demography. With Muslim births averaging seven per family and the West averaging less than two, it can be calculated when Western culture is likely to be overrun by Islam.

Muslims cannot and do not assimilate. Adherence to Islam requires that Sharia law be held above the law of the land.

This totally disqualifies Muslims from any chance at citizenship, so why do we let them come?

The evidence is on the ground in Europe, with Muslim immigration at record levels. Large communities are demanding concessions to Muslim practices and Sharia law. They play the victim role, demand concessions, cede nothing, and the countries roll over in their political correctness to do the right thing.

If you like the thought of burkas and Islamic justice, then go for it at your own peril.

I know there are endless sides to this issue, and I’d love to think there could be a peaceful resolution in the future. I fought for this country in a long ago war, and until the evidence changes, I’d fight for it again to keep the Muslims out.

I consider myself moderate, but come on, folks — this threat is real.

Donald Nicksay, Ventura

Today’s scapegoats
Thanks for your editorial in support of the freedom of religion for all as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. To choose to vilify members of any religious, racial or ethnic group is to engage in scapegoating. Scapegoating allows us to believe that members of the currently designated population (often immigrants) are worthy of our animosity, fear and hatred. Now we see Arab Americans and Muslims under attack. This is reminescent of our country’s earlier shameful behavior toward Japanese Americans. Throw in an association with terrorism and all reason flees.

Most recently, The Reporter has also published a number of letters discussing a related topic — the Israeli attack on the humanitarian aid flotilla bound for the imprisoned, largely Muslim, population of Gaza. One piece served to confuse the reality of the flotilla attack by repeatedly using the word “terrorists” to describe those on the flotilla, even though dignitaries, Nobel laureates, international parliamentarians and journalists from around the world were aboard.

That piece also leaned heavily on referring to the Turkish Islamic Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) as a terrorist group. Although this has been promoted in the U.S. media, this is disinformation. If there were anything to the allegations, IHH would be on the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) list, which it is not. Please see: http://treas.gov/offices/enforcement/ofac/sdn/t11sdn.pdf .

Despite the fact that IHH has been working internationally since the early ’90s, Israel first made allegations of IHH as a terrorist organization after the flotilla incident.  Israel made allegations of IHH-al-Qaida connections, but rescinded them when journalists demanded proof.  In fact, IHH has received many awards for its international humanitarian efforts.

Tanya C. , Ojai

Bug free and feelin’ good
I just read your article on organic food (Feature, 8/12), and I noticed that all the people who had glowing tributes to the organic/vegan lifestyle were in the organic/vegan business. I believe organic food is less of a lifestyle and more of a marketing scheme aimed at getting the gullible to pay double for the same foods. 

There wasn’t one shred of science quoted that supports the claims that organic food is somehow healthier. I have been eating foods grown with pesticides, fertilizers, hormones and antibiotics for 49 years, and I feel great. I have never spent one day in the hospital. 

Organic food is all about marketing and the phony idea that eating it is somehow saving the planet. The truth is that organic food is farmed with the same diesel-powered tractors as normal farming, but it actually uses more diesel fuel because it has to be weeded three times instead of spraying herbicides. I have nothing against organic/vegan fans, but I will continue to buy and eat my fruits and vegetables the way I always have: bug free.

Forrest Mize, Ventura

Unfair and unbalanced
According to The New York Times, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation donated a million dollars to the Republican Governors Association this summer.

This piece of information should allay any doubt the most naive among us may still harbor that these outlets, e.g., Fox News, Wall Street Journal, et cetera, are not mere propaganda vehicles for the Republican Party.

Rather than the “no spin zone,” they are the “all spin zone.”

Enjoy your Kool-Aid, folks.

Margaret Morris, Ventura

A former marine and the Ventura PD
The other day, the Star showed a picture on the front page of a guy who robbed two Ventura banks, both apparently at the same intersection — Telephone and Victoria. He is 23, it said. I, for some reason, elected to place the picture on my dashboard.

The other day, at about 6:30 p.m., I saw what appeared to be a similar face but with a beard, walking down Seaward and turning onto Pierpont. I called 339-4400, the Ventura Police Department non-emergency number, but no one answered. (It was, as I was later told, “after-hours” and the apparent option to reach someone was unclear). I called 911 and was transferred to Ventura PD, where a young-sounding female voice answered. I asked if she had seen the paper — she had not.

I was apparently excited-sounding (according to watch commander Dave Wilson, who listened to the tape) and was bullyesque, and he clearly stated that I needed to take a deep breath next time and just explain what I saw. I had indeed asked to speak with the watch commander, was told by a corporal that he was in a meeting and was ultimately left on hold indefinitely. Fair enough. But what if the guy is walking by your car, you see a police car 100 feet away, and you are trying to ask the person at the other end what this person looks like so you can have a conversation.

I was impatient, called her a twit for sounding like what I thought was a not professional-sounding person, and the guy walks down the street out of sight with the police car 50 feet from him. I guess my Marine Corps training didn’t teach me how to be calm, cool and collected when speaking with a young intern dispatcher at the Ventura PD. Never had this problem come up in dealing with LAPD — ever — over the 35 years I lived there. I guess I owe the dispatcher an apology. Maybe I just should not have made the effort, eh, Dave? This is not the first time I have experienced this “attitude” at Ventura PD, but maybe it’s me.

John Stewart, Ventura

From the web:
RE: Embracing religious tolerance, with one exception, Editorial, 8/12

Peace and harmony work both ways. I understand Muslims wanting their mosque, to which they are entitled under our Constitution. It is also understandable why people are upset, given that the perpetrators of 9/11 were Muslim extremists. When some Christian wacko kills an abortion doctor, the left is up in arms about it. Where is the media outrage more than 3,000 deaths at the WTC? Why is it the majority of us must be tolerant of those who wish us harm? You get what you allow and we have allowed this travesty by catering to those who wish to fundamentally transform the United States. God bless the American taxpayer!!!

— Swamprat

“(Islamic) injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” It is not the U.S. that is unjust, it is Islam. Islam is, by its own nature, philosophy and history, extreme. This article is nothing but an opinionated piece of political correctness. It sounds as though the author has never read the Quran or been to a Muslim-dominated country, where the injustices of Sharia law become obvious. Commander Mohammed was a pedophile and polygamist himself. His “favorite” wife was 6 when he married her, while he was in his 50s. He was also a killer and a slave-holder, yet Muslims still believe he was a perfect model citizen who received revelations from God, which encouraged his followers to convert the entire world (back) to Islam. Are you going to tell me those are not extreme actions and beliefs? It is not tolerance that will keep us free, especially when we tolerate the most intolerant, totalitarian way of life in the world. Actually, it is the truth that will set us free, so please learn the truth about Islam and the long history of Islamic conquest throughout the world already, which always ends with building a mosque as the final display of conquest.

— Will B.