Although I am an elected member of the Ventura Unified School Board, I don’t consider myself a political person. My role has always been as an advocate for our children, parents and teachers. I listen and do my research first. That’s why I am supporting Susan Jordan for the 35th Assembly District seat.

Susan Jordan courageously fights for what she believes in. She understands the connection between quality public education and a thriving and engaged society. She understands the importance of protecting our environment for future generations. She has proven herself as a leader and an effective advocate. The children of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties — and throughout California — will be served well when Susan is elected to the State Assembly.

Susan Jordan is not a typical politician. She does her homework and makes decisions because they are the right thing to do, not to please the special interests. I respect that tremendously.

Anyone can make promises. But Susan has proven time after time by her work throughout the state that she can deliver results, even against the toughest of odds.

This is who I want standing for me in the State Assembly for the 35th District.

Mary Haffner
Ventura Unified School District
Board of Trustees

Giving anarchists a bad name
As a tag to his article “An anarchist perspective of government” (VCR, 5/6), Shane Solano identifies himself as an anarchist. He even talks like an anarchist, disdaining all exercise of government power.

Well, almost all. In a letter in the same Reporter, Solano mounts a defense of unfettered capitalism and unregulated insurance companies that would cause Adam Smith to blush. That must have anarchists like Emma Goldman and Mikhail Bakunin spinning in their graves.

Solano isn’t an anarchist. He’s a libertarian. Libertarians want just enough government to keep the wheels of commerce turning and protect corporate and private property. They love cops, armies and a stable monetary system. They adamantly oppose government services beyond that bare-bones listing. They’ve got theirs and want to keep it. Why should they be obliged to share with anyone else? 

Libertarians might be called fair-weather anarchists, opposed to government except when it’s protecting their property and their ability to accumulate more.

Would Shane Solano please relabel himself? He’s giving anarchists a bad name.

Rick Scott, Ventura

Jim Dantona for county clerk
I never thought I would say this, but I am very excited about the upcoming election for the office of Ventura County Clerk and Recorder.

Recently at a local event, I met Jim Dantona, who is running for that office and was impressed with his enthusiasm, knowledge and good-natured approach to political campaigning.

Jim took the time to educate me about why this was a very important office.  He wants to improve the way elections are conducted to make sure that some basic steps are taken for more professionally run, fairer and more accurate elections.  Some of these steps seem simple enough:  having enough supplies at the polls, setting up the voting equipment properly, providing correct training and instructions for staff running the elections, and making sure that the correct ballots are handed out at the polling place.

Yet, he pointed out that according to a recent county grand jury report on the subject, these are real problems that plague elections conducted by the clerk and recorder’s office in this county.

Jim Dantona convinced me that he is the candidate to see that these problems are corrected.  The right to vote is a bedrock of American freedom, but if the voting process is poorly run, voters can lose their rights to have a say in their government.

Jim Dantona deserves my vote — and yours — on June 8 for the office of Ventura County Clerk and Recorder.

Evie P. Vernon, Thousand Oaks