Your cover story for Oct. 29, 2009, says, “The top 10 Stories not brought to you by mainstream media in 2008/09,” and I’m writing to you, as I have to all the newspapers I can, to suggest that the VCReporter, like the rest of the mainstream media, which I consider VCReporter part of because of this one issue, has chosen to totally ignore any story that suggests that our own government lied, and still is lying, to the American public regarding the false flag events of 9/11/01.
In March of 2009, Steven Jones (physicist and former dean of physics at BYU) and the members of released a scientific, peer-reviewed paper, published in the scientific journal 9/11 Studies, that shows irrefutable, concrete evidence of the use of high-tech “nano-thermite” in the controlled demolition of the three (that’s right, there were three!) buildings of the World Trade Center that morning in 2001. Since the 9/11 “Omission” Report was published, there has been a virtual mountain of verifiable evidence that implicates the Bush/Cheney criminal administration as more than a little bit involved in seeing to it that the “terrorists” succeeded in hitting 75 percent of their potential targets, thus generating the desired, and predictable, public support for its illegal “war on terror,” which we all know by now is really a war for oil and territory.
Nano-thermite is a fast-burning and extremely controlled incendiary developed by and for our Navy for rapidly cutting through any kind of steel, even under water, and is almost impossible to get, even for those who are intended to use it, namely our military. This stuff is almost as controlled as nuclear material, and as hard to find and put your hands on as Fort Knox gold!  My point is, the very fact that this chemical compound is evident in several bona fide samples of WTC dust makes the attacks on the World Trade Center — wait for it — an inside job because the only way to access this stuff is through our military … period!
The fact that you don’t even recognize this as in the “top 10” of your important, un-reported news stories leads to one of two conclusions.
1. The VCReporter never picked up the press release off the news wires(?), or
2. The VCReporter chooses to side with what you call “mainstream media,” and not report anything that contradicts the “official,” scientifically impossible story that 19 Arabs (led by a crippled rogue has-been, and most likely dead, terrorist from some cave in the Middle East desert) hijacked four Boeing 767 passenger jets and outsmarted the most sophisticated and impenetrable air defense system on the planet! 
The information I speak of can be accessed at
Every single domestic and foreign policy made by the USA since 9/11/2001, and by most of our allies, has been based on this event. Wouldn’t it be horrible if the event and all it created were lies? Thousands of human lives snuffed out based on deception! You should be printing this information, and anything else that contradicts the official story and can be verified, and you should keep printing it, loud and clear, until all of America has heard both sides of this story and can make educated choices, instead of the one forced down our throats by the corporate media and all the politicians they own! (Which ones do you own?) Until the VCReporter begins to cover all the info available on this issue, either accepted or otherwise, it will continue to be just another gatekeeper for the disgustingly fascist, right wing, neo-conservative liars who are controlling everything we see, hear and feel. I sincerely hope you decide to investigate the evidence I have guided you to, and you choose to print it and educate your trusting readers about what they surely have not heard.
I wait to read your decision in the pages of the VCReporter. I only pray you choose the truth.
Rick Mason is the author of    
Editor’s note: The feature cover story mentioned above was done by the group Project Censored, a media research program working in cooperation with numerous independent media groups in the U.S. The story was not written by VCReporter staff.