President Obama appears to want to make enemies. Maybe the guy was so well-liked for most of his life that the idea of becoming loathed sounded like a fun trip into uncharted territories. So far, in less than a year, the Hope and Change Express has made personal enemies of talk radio personalities Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, gotten nowhere with health care reform, found no one a job, has his Afghanistan general unhappy, been beaten up on Saturday Night Live as a lame duck president, and the Olympic committee doesn’t want to play in his back yard. Something tells me President Obama is wishing that Barry Obama charm would come back and help.

It hasn’t been the best week for the 44th United States president. It started off badly when Saturday Night Live exposed him to be a president without a plan. The writers created a checklist of things he has yet to fix, change or even acknowledge. With no sign of health care reform coming soon, a stable plan in the Middle East or even some job creation to brag about, Obama is not turning out to be the man many thought he’d be. Where is the Barry Obama we heard about during the election? Remember that idealistic student, who, in high school and college, was beloved and popular among his peers? Barry was a hopeful young man who was going to change the world. He appears to be gone, and all that is left is a tired politician afraid of Glenn Beck and all who oppose him. Watching Obama cower these days isn’t pretty. He’s in over his head, and he knows it. Somewhere a Clinton is smiling.

And Hillary should be smiling because at least she has a job. Unemployment is not getting any better in the United States. The nation still hovers at 10 percent not finding jobs, and that doesn’t include people who are working at the poverty levels trying to get by as well. It has been almost a year, and all the hope and change Barry wanted is not being delivered by Barack. That is not to say he isn’t trying. He did go on a field trip with his wife and Oprah to bring his buddies in Chicago some jobs, but it turns out the Olympic committee members would rather party in Rio de Janeiro than try to work around the upcoming Blagojevich trial. Not even the power of Oprah combined with the power of the man who supposedly would bring us back to the good graces of the rest of the world was enough. Barry is wondering why all that wonderful college Marxist rhetoric isn’t winning Barack too much support.      

I’m sure the president is pondering, “Where did it all go wrong?” somewhere right now. The media is against him, the jobs aren’t there, and now his military personnel are on the attack. In early October, Gen. Stanley McChrystal gave a speech in London complaining about the state of the troops and the war being waged in Afghanistan. The general is demanding 40,000 more troops, and Obama gave him a stern 25-minute talking-to afterward. I bet in college, when Barry had a philosophical disagreement with a friend, they probably talked it out and everything was fine, but Barack seems to be getting on the nerves of the man orchestrating the war and vice versa. It must have seemed so easy to run the Free World from Barry’s college dorm room.

So what happens now? No matter how things continue to play out, Barack Obama must do something. Anything. And the key is to go forward regardless. Either be the man you promised last November or tell John McCain he can try the job for a while. You see, that’s what I loved about George W. Bush. He didn’t worry about the media, the world or Oprah. He kept on going. He fought the battles he wanted, he made the economic choices he desired, and he told the world they are either with him or against him. Frat boy Dubya turned into President George W. Bush, but so far Barry has yet to become President Barack Obama.