As for the gay part of your article (Right Persuasion, 7/23), I couldn’t care less about a movie, because it is a movie. Not reality, Paul, but a movie. Borat was a movie and Star Wars was a movie. Movies are for entertainment purposes, and to write an article about the moral/ethical/purported agenda of a movie is ridiculous. I guess you have to get paid to write about something, so why not on the subject of how the moral compass of a movie has messed with your beliefs. 

As for the UFC, there has never been a death or any injury that has left a participant looking or sounding like an ex-boxer. Blood might scare you a little, but those of us who have played sports know that you can skin a knee, break a leg or receive a concussion from many contact sports. Many people have died while participating in those sports. But not in the UFC, not one death and not one person becoming crippled. There wasn’t a single broken bone at the UFC 100. By the way … how many people have died from skiing? 

“When did society allow illegal social behavior to be acceptable as long as it is corporately sponsored?” I don’t know. Can you legally tackle someone on the street as you do in football? Can you do a slide tackle on someone as you do in soccer? Can you slam your car into someone on the freeway at 200 mph because you’re trying to pass someone, as in NASCAR? Can you throw an object 100 mph at someone and hit them with it, as in baseball? How about boxing, motorcycle racing, hockey, etc.? I guess that would all fall into your “When did society allow illegal social behavior to be acceptable as long as it is corporately sponsored?” The answer is: a long, long time ago.

Maybe because it is called fighting (UFC), and that might be why you are tweaked. Personally, I would rather stand toe to toe with a guy and be able to defend myself than to have a guy come tackle me when I am up in the air and completely defenseless. Maybe because you can’t see the blood that you mentioned in your article, it makes it more humane. I didn’t see any blood coming from Dale Earnhardt, so it must be a sport that is due north on the moral compass. 

Each person needs to choose the sport that he or she is comfortable watching. But to say that one contact sport is more ethical or moral than another one isn’t a valid argument. I know you didn’t compare the sports, but you went out of your way to choose the UFC as a target. Stick to watching golf. Then again, there was a golfer that died in Sydney when she was hit in the temple by a golf ball. Therefore, golf has killed more people than the UFC fighters have. Put that as the title of your next article … only being fair.

Mike Eichler, Ventura County

No respect for the dead
In response to “Disturbed about Cemetery Dog Park” in the 7/30 issue.

As a Chumash woman whose family members (and a great many others of our tribe) are buried at Cemetery Park, I read with interest the aforementioned letter. Isn’t it funny that it takes a relative newcomer to see how bizarre it is to allow a cemetery to serve as a park.

Mind you, I’m so used to it by now and, let’s face it, indigenous peoples have been urinated/defecated on by virtually every political establishment since those first evil/comical words were spoken — “Manifest Destiny” — that a little dog waste is no different.

First Americans have been, historically, treated with discourtesy since the government stopped forced relocation and stealing children from their families and forcing them to Christian-based schools out of state (for their own good?). But I have to say, our local government, which is usually quite respectful of my people, severely disappoints me in this matter. It doesn’t matter anymore whose fault it was that it happened.

Grow some righteous indignation and make it right! If not for those indigenous folks, do it for the honored military vets who lie there. And for all you dog lovers — I don’t want to hear your complaints. I’m a vet tech with a HUGE love of animals. If I can suck up your pets doing the worst on the remains of those who have passed, you can deal with headstones or MOVE THE F@#$ ON! There are other places to walk your pets. Enough is enough. Time to step up to the plate and correct an egregious wrong.

Regina Washtiqoliqol, Ventura

Palin, the true American nightmare
I have no idea who Paul Moomjean is. I imagine, however, he is totally brainwashed by and enamored of the narcissistic antics of the ex-governor of Alaska, Sarah (Me, Me, Me) Palin. His advice to Palin (Right Persuasion, 7/30) is to make her message intellectually clear. How, one might ask, could Palin perform such a task when her own intellect is definitely on par with one of the moose she is so proud to have killed. His title, “House of the setting sun,” is absolutely correct.

The sun is rapidly setting on Sarah Palin.

Moomjean goes on to advise Palin to “write great books, publish challenging articles throughout scholarly journals, debate those who wish to shift the country left, speak to audiences around the country, be graceful and eloquent. Do not turn into Ann Coulter or Laura Ingraham.” Once again, Moomjean shows his undying, unintelligent, totally absurd notion that Sarah Palin has any intelligence or common sense whatsoever. She already is on an even keel with Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity.

Moomjean then causes this lovefest to transcend to the level of the Southern Fanatical ultraright conservatives and says, “She is a true testament to the American Dream. A mother and wife who reformed her party from within and became a highly approved public official.” In actuality, Palin became the true American nightmare; many people were extremely frightened that she would actually be elected vice-president. She constantly, with her ridiculous, hair-brained speeches, caused her party to slip further and further into the abyss of dark space.

As a mother and wife, she paraded her seriously handicapped infant child around the country as a prop for her election try. Her husband was a member of an Alaskan party that wanted to secede from the United States; and her unmarried teenage daughter, asserting her individual rights over the domination of her mother, became pregnant and gave birth to her own child. Oh, and the best testament to the intelligent way Palin works is that she quit her job as Alaska’s governor 18 months before her term expired. So you can see she is truly one we would want to run our country. If the dirty media started writing bad things about her, she would simply quit and move on down the road.

If Moomjean truly believes that Sarah Palin has any chance of becoming the next president of the United States, or any highly placed political figure, for that matter, I have a whole lot of real good property I would like to sell him. Of course, we would have to have the water drained and the alligators removed first.

Rellis Smith, Ventura

Private insurance death panels
I keep hearing about government death panels in the news. What I have not heard about is the insurance company death panels.

When private companies run things, they will attempt to maximize their profits. If a company can create a shortage of something, it can charge more for it. It can also raise profits by cutting costs. Neither of these motivations is something we want applied to health care.

It is the insurance companies and the legislators in their pockets (Democrat and Republican) who are sponsoring the protests over health care reform and the outrageous lies about pending legislation.

Rick, Ventura