Ventura locals Whiskey Chimp filled the Ventura Center for Spiritual Living to capacity on Saturday night to celebrate the release of their third CD Barely Right Now. Featuring special appearances by Bob Jones, the Whiskey Chimp "Gorilla" mascot and a slightly naughtier-than-nice Easter Bunny, the evening was full of top-shelf bluegrass stylings and comedic shtick that gave it the feel of an old timey variety show.

Between song banter and a handful of hilarious musical renditions nicely puntuated the vocal and instrumental talent of Brent Harding, Stanley Gonzales, Toby Emery, Cory Scrivner, Mark Parson, Chris Cairns and Bill Flores.  A highlight of the evening was the band’s cover of "El Rey" a traditonal mariachi piece, performed beautifully by Stanley Gonzales. 

Whiskey Chimp’s newest CD Barely Right Now is available on iTunes. Visit them at