The house concert phenomenon has picked up a lot of steam in Ventura County as of late. Three top notch series have been bringing in talent to the most intimate of settings, the promoter’s actual homes. Popular with artists due to the attentive and appreciate audiences, they tend to focus on smaller or up and coming artists. Occasionally though, a major act will pass through and that’s the case with the upcoming Van Dyke Parks show at Russ and Julie’s House Concerts in Oak Park this weekend.

The somewhat reclusive songwriter, producer, actor and composer is probably best known for his work during the Beach Boy’s experimental period which includede the aborted Smile record. Besides that distinction he’s worked with artists as diverse as U2, Randy Newman, Arlo Guthrie, Frank Black, Ringo Starr and The Byrds to name only a few and he’s released some highly overlooked records of his own.

Also on the bill is Matt Cartsonis, a Los Angeles session and side man capable of playing nearly every stringed instrument known to man. He also holds a small place in music history as the man who backed up Warren Zevon at the Excitable Boy’s last ever live performance. Much like Parks, although more known for his work with other artists, he’s an accomplished writer and performer on his own. Putting the two cult legends together makes this show potentially the house concert of the year.

Van Dyke Parks and Matt Cartsonis perform at Russ and Julie’s House Concerts this Saturday, April 18th. For more information and to make reservations for the show visit: