As I was watching the budget discussions at the March 2 Ventura City Council meeting, I found Councilman Bill Fulton’s comments a bit hard to stomach. This guy is complaining about the problems he is having with his businesses and the losses he is experiencing with his 401K retirement plan, when the City Council is considering laying off police officers, firefighters and park maintenance workers?

The other startling revelation was Mayor Christy Weir and Councilman Neal Andrews’ plans to attend a weeklong National League of Cities conference (read: junket) in Washington, D.C., in mid-March at the same time they’re about to ask city residents to approve a half-cent sales tax. 

I’m sorry, but these guys just don’t seem to get it. I hope you’ll join with me in making some much-needed changes in the make up of our City Council in November.  This ship has drifted way off course.

Mike Gibson, Ventura

Hallowed ground, not a pee-ground
I visited St. Mary’s Cemetery in Ventura on February 4, 2009, so I could honor the Medal of Honor Recipient Private James Sumner. I want to thank those who have helped to restore his grave. I have now visited the grave sites of 644 Medal of Honor Recipients around the world. In my travels, it is often difficult to locate the graves, which I feel are hallowed ground.

As for the current preservation of the site, I must say, being from New Jersey, I don’t wish to interfere with the business of others. I would like to say that, in my opinion, the existing marked graves should be preserved. If others are located, they should also be preserved. I also think the area should remain open to the public.

I understand how descendants of those [buried here] would feel about people’s pets relieving themselves on their ancestors’ graves, as I was ill at ease when two dogs urinated on James Sumner’s grave while I was nearby. I would think that anyone who would speak in support of this practice must also approve of it for the graves of themselves and their families; otherwise, their opinion on the status of the cemetery must be considered to hold no value as they are, by evidence, unfair.

William Pagdon, Edison, N.J.

Hail to the great Goddess!
I read with a chuckle the plight of that man whose wife’s equilibrium hinges on bursting the hinges of the kitchen cabinets with yet more china…. (Advice Goddess, 3/5) I’ve known people who live like that, in houses where a network of narrow footpaths cuts through towering piles of stuff.

I’d like to suggest that Mr. Terrified should buy and offer this book to his favorite hoarder: IT’S ALL TOO MUCH — An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff by Peter Walsh.

He might also want to read it first.

I am currently packing and sorting through 10 years’ worth of accumulated stuff as we prepare to move to a new house, and even though I am not a hoarder, reading this book has helped tremendously in separating what’s truly essential from all those projects that will never get done. I’m also a writer and illustrator, and tossing hundreds of copies of magazines and publications in which I’ve had articles and illustrations published are particularly heart-breaking, yet liberating. Now I’m only keeping those issues for which I did the cover art, and dragging the rest to the recycle bin. Eventually, I’ll scan those and only keep a digital copy. Nobody reads paper résumés anyway!

Keep up the good work, Great Goddess. You are an inspiration, and I pray at your altar every Thursday when I get the VC Reporter.

Robear, Ojai

Obama neocon apologists
I wonder if the Obama Kool-Aid drinkers are happy with what they’ve seen so far. Plans for a complete withdrawal from Iraq, that is, if one doesn’t count the 50,000 occupation troops Obama wants to leave behind. A new era of peaceful relations with the Muslim world as long as you just ignore the continuous bombing of Pakistan and the ramping-up of the war in Afghanistan, not to mention the threats already made against Iran. His Keynesian/socialistic/fascistic economic policies are already making the transgressions of the Bush admin look like child’s play. I hope no one has forgotten Obama’s disgraceful shilling, on behalf of the financial elite who bankrolled his campaign, in support of the late corporate bailout package. I would like any Obama supporter to tell me why $500 billion spending deficits under Bush were deplorable, while $2 trillion deficits under Obama are going to be desirable. No wasting of a serious crisis under this administration!  

We also have a back-door draft called “national service” on the agenda. Of course, Obama himself told us, “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”  Nothing says “change” and “hope” like a little forced servitude in a paramilitary unit, eh? What would “liberals” have said if Bush wanted to establish his own personal corps of Brownshirts? And to think, some people compared Bush to Hitler!

I can hear the Cult of Obama now — “It’s all Bush’s fault!”  It hasn’t been two months into the Obama era, and these scoundrels are already sounding like the neocon apologists who defended everything Bush did!  I have to give Obama credit, though, for being a great politician whose command of rhetoric causes things like rational thinking and common sense to flee the minds
of millions!

Shane Solano, Ventura