1126 craven

“I’m thankful for my family. I’m thankful that we settled in such a nice community. And I’m thankful I live in a country where we can have an orderly transition from one head of power to the next without social upheaval.”
Charlotte Craven, mayor of Camarillo



 1126 shor

“I’m thankful for the huge number of individuals and businesses in our area who are appreciative and supportive of cultural and art events, and for the unique platform and beauty here we have to showcase all we have to offer.”
David Shor, president, Ojai Film Festival



 1126 holden

“What comes to mind for me is family. I’m blessed with three healthy boys and an amazing wife. It really is about family, whether it’s my family or the extended family of Oxnard.”
Tom Holden, mayor of Oxnard




 “Certainly, I’m thankful for the people who donate their time, money and food to the food bank. Without them, there would be many more people hungry in the county.”
Ann Sobel, CEO, Ventura County Food Share




“As it relates to our work environment, I’m thankful for a team of dedicated individuals who are absolutely dedicated to the cause of this agency.”
Jay Smith, executive director, Ventura County Rainbow Alliance