“I am thrilled, extremely excited. This country was desperate for this kind of change. Everybody in this country is hurting for it. I am very optimistic at the moment.”
—Hannah-Beth Jackson, candidate for 19th Senatorial District, about Obama’s win


“I’m really greatful to be here on what I hope will be a historic night. One way or another we’re going to transition into change. It’s a time for change. I know people have been throwing that word around, but change is a natural way of the universe, so why wouldn’t we be. Let’s just amp it up. That’s why I’m here.”
—MB Hanrahan, artist


“I don’t know him. The easy part is winning … I wish him well.”
—Elton Gallegly, candidate for the 24th Congressional District, about Obama


“Tom Holden was head and shoulders above the rest. He stands out above all the candidates, the fact he has proven leadership and a track record.”
—Tom and Yvonne Westervelt, Oxnard