Barack Obama’s "Yes We Can" speech remixed and re-visualized using DJ Z-Trip’s mix, Shepard Fairey’s "Hope" pasting at Fresh Pressed Los Angeles, and Lenny Mesina’s editing. (Be sure to stay through the end credits for a special message!)

Art Direction + Design – Shepard Fairey
Music – Z-Trip
Editor – Lenny Mesina
Location – Fresh Pressed
Installation Team – Nick + Z
Photography – Nick Toga + Mike Adler
Producer – Jonathan Sample
Production Assistant – Meara McDonald

On Friday October 17th, the Barack On! Obamathon fundraiser was held at the Los Angeles D.I.Y. screenprinting shop Fresh Pressed. With pro-Obama designs contributed by local arists and designers for silk-screening of shirts and posters, bakers feeding those hungry for change with a sidewalk bake sale, and people of all ages coming out to support our effort with positivity and enthusiasm, what started out as a modest fundraiser quickly turned into a mini block party. The “fun” in fundraiser was definitely on display as both kids and adults Baracked the night away! (check photos of the event here:

Designs created for the fundraiser are still available at Fresh Pressed. Proceeds go to the Obama campaign.

If you’d like to contribute, please visit the official webpage and make a donation here: