Not ONCE in your editorial (9/11/08) ‘Ventura County: It’s Illegal to be Poor,’ did you mention the terms ‘slum lords’ or ‘illegal immigrants’, so here, let me help your poor, ‘poor’-loving editorial writer put things in perspective …

Nobody hates the poor or wants to see them homeless or living in unsafe or unsanitary housing conditions. But there ARE a LOT of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS in Oxnard and Ventura, who are being EXPLOITED and USED by SLUM LORDS, who are getting rich renting out garages, sheds and dilapidated dwellings to the illegals, who they know WON’T BLOW THE WHISTLE on them, the same way that they (the illegals) are afraid to blow the whistle on abusive employers. Why?


The illegal immigrants are hiding from the law, and they will live and work ANYWHERE under ANY CONDITIONS offered to them.

The problem, as with the illegal immigration problem in general, is that it’s created and maintained by two groups of greedy ‘Americanos,’ and yes, I dare say it…mostly LATINO AMERICANOS. They are: 1) The slum lords who offer the illegals a place to hide, er, I mean ‘live,’ and very often (as with illegal ‘sweatshops’ in the big cities) the employers and slumlords are the SAME PERSON. The same ‘coyotes’ who enslave their employees until they pay themselves back for smuggling them into the country in the first place, and make them live in garages, sheds and dilapidated housing until they do.

I say that city inspectors of these garages, sheds and ‘sub-standard’ apartments can’t come SOON ENOUGH, but they’d better be damned CAREFUL!

Ex-convicts, felons, fugitives from the law, rabid fighting dogs, and lots of weapons of all sorts hide behind those doors as well, along with plenty of criminals willing to USE THEM!

These sweeps don’t need to be done by city inspectors. They need to be conducted by S.W.A.T. teams, and only inspected for housing violations, when the coast is ‘cleared.’

As for affordable housing, there are plenty of currently foreclosed-upon homes in Ventura County that would be perfectly good as county-owned homes for those who qualify for rental assistance based on low income.

But, as with the lack of serious background checks on borrowers that led to the fast-and-loose subprime mortgage racket that caused the current foreclosure crisis in the first place, the government will have a helluva job just making sure that potential renters aren’t lying to them as well!

In the future, perhaps your editorials in the VC Reporter should begin with an assessment of what the law says, who might be in violation of those laws, and conclude with a call to have those laws ENFORCED, before advocating for more laws on the rest of us.           

Author requested to remain anonymous because of his living situation in substandard housing