In our Best Of Ventura County edition (Sept. 18), there were a few mistakes:

Best Caterer Fresh & Fabulous is located at 212 W 4th St. in Oxnard, 486-4547.

Best Children’s Clothing store, 2nd Place winner, Drool, was misspelled.

Best Hair Stylist Architexture was misspelled. The correct spelling is Architexture.

The article “Zoey’s new lodgings” (Sept. 25 edition) listed an incorrect address for the historic Ventura Elks Lodge. The correct address is 11 S. Ash St., Ventura.


In the story Flynn v. Holden:
We apologize to Oxnard Mayor Tom Holden for the poorly worded temporary placeholder following a direct quote in the story, “Flynn v. Holden: Who has the best argument?” in the Sept. 25 issue of the VCReporter. The attempt at humor in our art department was not appreciated, approved nor caught by our editors before going
to press. 

We regret the errors.

 —  Michael Sullivan, managing editor