If you want to see the difference between Democrats and Republicans, look no further than the fight between Democratic Controller John Chiang and our governor, who (despite sometimes pretending not to be) is a Republican.

The Republican ideologues in the legislature have no productive agenda on the budget and want to hold the entire state hostage to their radical agenda. Meanwhile, our governor decided to take some hostages of his own by trying to withhold most of the paychecks of more than 200,000 state employees.

John Chiang is standing up to Arnold and fighting for our hard-working public servants. They deserve to be paid the wages we owe them, and not be forced to involuntarily loan money to our state while our state legislature cobbles together some sort of budget deal.

Not only is it unfair to stiff them, John Chiang understands that it’s fundamentally unfair to shift the burden of the state’s budget problems onto the working class and middle class folks who work for our state.

I applaud John Chiang for showing real leadership in this fight. Thank you, Controller Chiang.

Ted Rabago, Ventura