It has been quite a while since Mark Oliver Everett first moped onto the scene with his band Eels with "Novocaine for the Soul," a hit single back in those wacky 1990s where every songwriter with a bout of depression could score at least one big song. Here is the thing about Everett, though: Unlike a lot of his Alternative Revolution peers, he has never went away. Through the last decade-plus, Eels have maintained a dedicated following, all thanks to Everett’s ability to translate his personal turmoil into something the world can feel, and even sing along to. His has experimented instrumentally in that time, most recently touring with a bunch of strings behind him. And he has stirred up some political mischief as well: He recently invited President George W. Bush to attend one of his concerts. A cute idea, but woe be the country if W actually took him up on the offer. After all, an incompetent Commander-in-Chief is one thing. A sad and incompetent one? That’s something else entirely. Rub shoulders with the world’s powerful — or simply the emotionally downtrodden — at Eels’ two-night stand at the El Rey in Los Angeles on April 16 and 17.

El Rey Theater, 5515 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, (323) 936-6400