Steve Earle’s career and life have seen more highs and lows than most can imagine. At his best, he has been a Grammy Award-winner, author, playwright, poet, radio host and outspoken social activist. At his worst, he has suffered through drug addiction, spent time in jail and been married a stunning seven times. Clean and sober for more than a decade and happily married (hopefully for the last time), Earle has spent the past few years in peak form when it comes to his true gift: writing and performing songs. Earle is a songwriter’s songwriter. He has written in a host of genres, from country and rock to bluegrass and folk. Though many argue over what genre to classify him in, everyone seems to agree that he is one of the finest songwriters on the planet. Best of all, the musical maverick seemingly gets better with age. He performs at UCLA’s Royce Hall on March 25.

Royce Hall at UCLA, for information call (310) 825-4401