Brandon McInerney should be treated like the child he is (See “Where do we go from here?” Feature, 2/21/08). It is an obscenity to rip a child of 14 from his family, send him to the horror of adult prison and incarcerate him for beyond the rest of his life. This type of thoughtless, retributive violence against a child does not make our society safer. Brandon’s act was horrific and my heart aches for Larry and those who love him. But convicting Brandon as an adult is a second murder, committed by adults and authorized by a law that furthers the delusion that harsh punishment for children is justice and the answer to crime. As a society we value accountability. So let’s hold the adults accountable who win elections and build their pulpit power through the derision and hatred of gays, who celebrate retributive violence and pimp our children to the bottom line of violent media under the guise of entertainment. 

Susan Bronn,