My yellow Labrador has spent the better part of her 14 years pining for my sweaty gym socks. The riper the better. On more than once occasion, I have arrived at my workout destination only to find that my socks are missing. When I get home, she is usually there to greet me with a wagging tail and my filthy socks dangling from her drooling jowls. 

Were I more inclined to wash my gym clothes after each use, this would not be a problem. But I’m not, and while that may not make my husband too happy, it sure makes my dog swoon. I’m not one of those girls who tries to look my best when I workout. I don’t match my tank top to my nail polish – I don’t even wear nail polish. I don’t wash my hair, put on makeup or get breast implants for the occasion. I’m not working a runway, I’m working my abs, my lungs, and a few other things (OK a lot of other things). 

I’m certainly no fashionista, but I do know this: low jeans triangulate my butt, corduroy is noisy and UGGs are neither attractive nor functional in a gym. Seriously, I recently saw a gal trying to pull this off. She wasn’t doing herself or anyone else any favors with that look. If you are going to workout, dress the part. Dressing for success isn’t just for the office; it’s also for the gym. Here are a few dos and don’ts to ensure you are getting the most comfort and performance from your fitness wardrobe.

Don’t wear cotton. Cotton keeps the sweat on your body and creates friction. Look for fabrics like Dri-FIT and CoolMax with synthetic weaves.

Do wear fabrics that move with you. Stretchy fabrics with some wiggle room will give you more reason to keep moving. Don’t wear low jeans.

Do wear a headband to keep your hair and sweat at bay. It doesn’t look cool, but it will keep you cool.

Do wear a zip-up hoodie. I like mine because I put it on for my warm-ups, then easily take it off and tie it around my waist for the rest of my workout.

Ladies, do wear a bra! I saw a well-endowed woman recently clutching her ta-tas to keep them from bouncing into outer space. A sports bra might have been a tad more effective, but not nearly as entertaining. To keep this balanced for the fellas, and if you’ve seen the movie "Juno" you’ll appreciate why, keep the pork sword under wraps  – a jock strap, sports briefs or lined running shorts will do the job. And distance runners like my husband know all too well why two carefully applied Band-Aids helps guys avoid bloody nipples at the finish line. Now that’s a look.

Do wear the right shoes. UGGs and flip flops don’t belong at the gym. Running shoes are good for about 400 miles, and then the cushioned sole begins to breakdown.

Don’t wear cotton socks – they will give you blisters. Look for running socks that are lightweight and thin and made with synthetic fibers that wick moisture away. Dogs love them!

Lisa first became interested in fitness when her junior high P.E. teacher told her she threw like a girl.  Now, she hikes and does Pilates.  And she still throws like a girl.  Visit her Web site at and send fitness topic suggestions to