More places to study

Thank you for a great resource guide to the best places to study in Ventura County (See "Get your Study On," Feature, 1/17/08). I would like to bring up a library system your contributors missed in your list: the Ventura County Library, consisting of 14 libraries throughout Ventura County. From Simi Valley to Oak Park; Ventura to Piru, Ojai to Fillmore, Port Hueneme, El Rio and Saticoy – Ventura County Libraries are serving their communities.

All of these libraries are excellent places to study – in particular, the brand new Camarillo Library at 4101 Las Posas Road offers great study areas, expanded hours, a book store and café.

Visit Ventura County Library online at to find locations, hours and directions. While you are at it, check out our eLibrary page (under "Databases" or "Research" or "Homework") to see what great resources are available online. The library is as close as your home or school computer!

Barbara Eales, Ventura County Web Librarian


You ran a quite nice on places to get a good cup of coffee and read a book, study, etc.

So, when I saw the spread, I just knew Java Joes on Johnson Drive would be there … but no such thing. Why is that? This is a great place, kind of private, nice ambiance, yummie freshly brewed coffee, free Internet access, a good place to enjoy a book or finish an assignment. They also have mellow music and a little dance floor, if you are so inclined. I love this place.

Vivian Balak, Ventura


Keep covering Rocketdyne

These articles that Michael Collins write in regards to Rocketdyne and the surrounding areas of impact (See "The Promised Land," News, 1/24/07), such as Runkle Canyon and Sage Ranch, are very valuable to the surrounding communities as they do give hope and show there are people out there such as the "Radiation Rangers" doing something about this while others involved in this issue are too sick to investigate on site.

If there are any questions I can answer please call (310)428-5085.

Thank you,

William Preston Bowling Founder Aerospace Cancer Museum of Education, Topanga, CA


Please accept my thanks and gratitude for Michael Collins! His article, "The Promised Land" is incredibly complete and detailed, as well as giving some really insightful and welcome interpretation of the events currently going on with respect to the Santa Susanna Field Lab. It is utterly wonderful to be able to count on reading Mr. Collins’ columns every time something new happens. He is a tremendous support to all of the activists who have worked so very hard and long to be able to clean up the nuclear meltdown contamination and save lives. It literally feels as if he is standing by our side. He is not only an excellent writer, but is obviously an admirably strong and courageous person. It is marvelous and reassuring to find such qualities in a newspaper writer. May it – and he – continue!

Margery Brown, Chatsworth


Allow spanking bill to die

Please oppose Assembly Bill 755 (by Lieber) by letting it die in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. AB 755 would cause parents who use a small paddle, ruler, or similar object, when lovingly spanking their child, to be arrested and prosecuted in the criminal trial. AB 755 is unnecessary.

Children are already protected from all forms of true child abuse in currents law. I am a concerned citizen. This bill affects all families.

Tony and Denise Irish, Port Hueneme


More presidential options

In our Jan. 24 edition we featured a guide to the Democratic presidential candidates and promised other candidates this week. John McCain’s campaign was the only Republican campaign to respond, while a list of links was submitted for Green Party candidates. Here is there information:


John McCain

Why Ventura County voters should vote for him: Ventura County Republicans have an unfortunate history of backing candidates without a chance of actually winning elections. John McCain represents the best chance to win in 2008. That’s the single most important reason folks should vote for him in this primary. He not only leads all Republicans in most state and national polls, but when he is paired up against any of the Democratic opponents, McCain is the only Republican candidate who pulls enough independents and cross-over voters to actually win the election. Time and again he wins in the swing states, and that is the key to the electoral vote. John McCain can rebuild the Reagan coalition. He has the integrity, courage, honor and statesmanship to mobilize the America people and to restore faith in American government. He has fought waste and corruption in Washington and has a consistent record of successful strategic thinking where vital national interest s are at stake. He has the strength to champion the tough measures necessary to restore economic vitality. He has the knowledge and credible experience to lead this nation from day one. He won’t need any on-the-job training. America needs John McCain!

Local Contact: Ventura County Chair, Neal Andrews, Ventura city councilman, 644-0484,

Web site:

Events: House parties and other events are scheduled on a regular basis. For current information, inquire by email. Volunteers welcome!


Green Party candidates

The following Web sites contain information about Green Party presidential candidates, as well as Ralph Nader, who has not announced a run but is on the ballot in California:

Jared Ball:

Jesse Johnson:

Cynthia McKinney:

Kent Mesplay:

Kat Swift:

Ralph Nader: