Best place to jinx a perfect game



Who’s On First Batting Cages

961 N. Rice Road, Ste. 7, Oxnard, 485-4001


I admit it. I\’m the one who jinxed David Wells\’ second shot at a perfect game. At San Francisco\’s AT&T Park, the Los Angeles Dodgers\’ new arm took a perfect game against the vile Giants into the sixth inning. I can\’t help but feel responsible, even if the Dodgers did still beat the Giants 6-2.

That afternoon I set out determined to figure out whether Camarillo\’s Bat-R-Up batting cages bested Who\’s On First in Oxnard. Listening to the game on the radio, I drove to Camarillo as inning after inning passed with Wells dominating the Giants (getting lost helped extend my listening time). I was almost relieved to discover that Bat-R-Up was closed for an apparent remodel.

By the time I arrived at Who\’s On First. I waited until the end of the fifth inning and bolted into the batting cages, feeling it was wasteful just to cruise around listening to the radio and certain the batting cages would have a radio tuned to this momentous game. Sadly there was none.

Hoping that the Dodgers could bat for the length of a five-minute round, I paid for some pitches and embarrassed myself in front of the attendant, but had a blast doing so.

But no sooner had I returned to my car and turned the radio back on than I discovered Wells had given up a single to Kevin Frandsen.

I know better about not messing up the rhythm now. To David Wells and to Dodgers fans everywhere, I am sorry I let my selfish pursuit of batting bliss get in the way of perfection.

-Bill Lascher