This editorial was written by the editorial staff of our sister-paper the Pasadena Weekly. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Talk about counter-productive.

Cindy Sheehan, the Northern California mom who lost her son in the war in Iraq and then made President George W. Bush’s life miserable by camping with thousands of other anti-war protesters outside the president’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, is planning a run for Congress.

It seems like a logical next step for Sheehan, who has captured the hearts of Americans everywhere with her steadfast refusal to go away and her adamant demands for answers about the war from Bush that she will likely never get. And now Sheehan is taking the plunge into a race for elected office, throwing her hat into the ring to run against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from San Francisco.

We applaud Sheehan’s decision to run.

What we don’t exactly get is why she is targeting Pelosi, who is now staunchly against the war and was challenged by Sheehan to file articles of impeachment against Bush over his involvement in creating the war, and did not do so as of a deadline set by Sheehan for last week.

We know there are no residency requirements in California for a person to run for a congressional seat, so even though Pelosi is from San Francisco and Sheehan is from the Sacramento area, Sheehan can still run against her.

But with that convenient election law caveat in mind, the question we have for Sheehan is: Why Pelosi? More precisely, why Pelosi and not one of the dozen or more Neanderthal Republicans taking up space in the California Congressional Delegation who deserve to be booted out of office because of their lock-step voting records on the war and their acquiescence to all the criminal activity orchestrated by this administration?

Just in our immediate vicinity we have a number of bomb-loving cave dwellers who, with a smartly run and well-financed campaign, could be knocked off in a fair election contest.

We know she isn’t crazy about the Democrats. That was made plain by the many times Sheehan traveled to Pasadena over the past few years to speak out against Pasadena Congressman Adam Schiff’s early support of the war.

Frankly, neither are we. We were the first newspaper to call for Bush’s impeachment, and we’re still waiting for some action.

But does Sheehan think that the people in Ventura County wouldn’t welcome her message? That’s where U.S. Rep. Elton Gallegly has been in power for more than two decades, voting strictly the party line — including the war — since he’s been in office.

How about a little ways east of there, where Republican David Dreier has held office for years and years, and voted with the war and Bush every step of the way since 9/11?

Or what about his party colleague, Gary Miller of Diamond Bar, another shameless hawk? Or how about Dan Lungren, or Palmdale’s Howard “Buck” McKeon, or Palm Springs’ Mary Bono, or San Diego’s Darrell Issa, or Duncan Hunter, the El Cajon Republican currently running for his party’s nomination for president?

No matter how well-intentioned her efforts may be, Sheehan’s persona is now too powerful to waste on a fight that would pit her against someone who she agrees with politically nine out of 10 times — and all of these races are set for 2008, the year that Bush (hopefully) leaves office.

If anything, Sheehan should be joining forces with Pelosi and using her now considerable fame and potential financial resources not only to make a point but to fight the real enemies of the people, those who have voted time after time to perpetuate this ghastly war against all reason and common sense.