My wife and I live about three miles from the ocean in the Ventura County area of Malibu. We are concerned about the negative impact to our community from the construction of the LNG terminal near our coastline. We hope other methods can be found to provide for energy needs of southern California.

Gerald J. Benecke

LNG makes no sense

We are not scientists. But common sense tells us that the proposed BHP Billiton project known as Cabrillo Port should be stopped. We have both been active in meetings to try to terminate the project. It will not serve the citizens of Oxnard and Malibu well, along with the millions of Southern Californians who use our beaches. It may impact their safety due to environmental factors or may cause danger due to possible explosions, not to mention that it will definitely affect our fragile sea life.

We urge you to contact Governor Schwarzenegger, Lt. Governor John Garamendi, Director of Finance Michel C. Genest, California State Controller John Chiang, Executive Officer of the Californa State Lands Commission Paul D. Thayer, Commandant Mark Prescott of the United States Coast Guard, and Chairman Patrick Kruer of the California Coastal Commission. Please attend the planned meetings on Wednesday April 4 (5-8 p.m.) and Monday April 9 (starting at 10 a.m. and going all day) both at the Oxnard Performing Arts Center, 800 Hobson Way, Oxnard.

This is our final chance to make our feelings known to Governor Schwarzenegger who has the sole veto power over this project.

Ellen and Herb Reich

Not so cute camouflage

Just when you thought, “What next?” it appears that the pro-war forces have now infiltrated the fashion industry. Apparently the media has brainwashed people to the extent that now many of us think nothing of walking around promoting the military, war, and the senseless killing of human beings.

Just step into your nearest clothing store and you’ll see why. Camouflage sneakers, socks, sandals, pants, shorts, shirts, hats and even underwear are everywhere. Oh, and don’t forget the fashion accessories — dog tags, military boots, and camouflage wallets, belts and backpacks are also all the rage.

It is especially distressing to see military-style clothing on children. What are parents thinking as they dress their young children in Army clothes? Do they want their children to join the military? Do they want their children to be sent to Iraq?

I was in a children’s clothing store the other day when a lady brushed by me and exclaimed “Oh, cute!” as she nabbed a pair of toddler-sized camouflage pants off the rack.


Have our minds gotten so twisted that war is now “cute?”

God help us.

Diana Hirth
Thousand Oaks

No women’s fib

In your editorial you state that there are 160,000 women deployed to Iraq & Afghanistan. As there are approximately 150,000 troops deployed to Iraq & 14,000 to Afghanistan this is either false or an exaggeration of mythic proportions. As a man, I make no apologies for being one and everyone that I know of is very aware of the threat a woman can pose in the home and in the workplace.

On a woman\’s word alone a man can be handcuffed, jailed and his home, savings and career buried. Unfortunately with the freedom of the feminist movement come\’s a catch phrase which scares women like a cross scares Dracula: Responsibility!

All a woman has to do is utter sexual harassment or, “He touched me,” to ignite a legal and financial firestorm for a man. All we request, as politically correct scapegoats, is that you ladies act responsibly for the women who have legitimate gripes against men who abuse them. As men we have learned with power comes the responsibility to use it wisely and that\’s no exaggeration