You miss a phone call from one of your best friends and, when you get the voicemail, all she can say is, “I’ve got big news” (or IGBN, as Erin Torneo and Valerie Cabrera Krause, authors of The Bridal Wave: A Survival Guide to the Everyone-I-Know-Is-Getting-Married Years, like to call the common phrase). You don’t even want to call her back. You don’t need to, really. Your friend, the one you depended on for last minute girls’ nights out and self-indulgent pizza and beer outtings, is tying the knot — just like everyone else you know.

This may be a news flash to some happily coupled readers, but a wedding can be earth shattering for people other than the bride and groom. I’m talking about single women between the ages of 23 and 33 who find themselves attending weddings just about every other weekend. Luckily, Torneo and Cabrera Krause had those single women in mind when they wrote The Bridal Wave, a real guide to surviving all those weddings while still feeling valuable, smart and successful — even if you aren’t successfully matched with your future mate.

With chapters on everything from “Navigating the Wedding Season” to “Spinster City,” the authors offer up practical advice that will help single gals cope as friend after friend shacks up. The advice ranges from ultra-useful tips on wedding and pre-wedding etiquette (“Do I bring a gift to the engagement party?”) to really silly, but fun ways to get over your jealousy of said bride (like “thinking of three things that you have/do/are that you would never trade for her life”).

Reading Bridal Wave is like chatting with a good friend; one that’s not married. The writing style is conversational, witty and often more than a little bitchy. Torneo and Cabrera Klause have no love for those people who like to ask, “When are you going to settle down with a nice man?” and they spare no vitriol. If you’re not hitched already, by the end of The Bridal Wave Torneo and Cabrera Klause will have convinced you that there is no rush. Whether you end up getting married or not, this is a great place to renew your self esteem and your self worth.

The Bridal Wave is a great book for any woman who’s ever felt any insecurity over not getting married. Testimonials from real women, scattered throughout the book, will reaffirm what you already knew: You’re not alone. And page after page of friendly advice will help you navigate and even possibly enjoy the wedding season, whether or not you’ve got a ring on your finger.