The way you are going to win at healthy weight loss is by staying true to the “weight loss triangle” — a combination of motivation, proper nutrition and exercise. To achieve this, I am providing you with 10 proven principles that, when implemented, will get you off to a great start and lead you to a destination at which you keep the weight off for good.

1) First and foremost, you must make the decision. Decide right now that you are going to succeed. Most people will complain about where they are and never decide to do anything about it. I want you to write on a sheet of paper that you’ve made the decision to win at weight loss.

2) Determine your destination. Where are you going? Because we are talking about total body weight, I want you to calculate a weight loss goal of two to three pounds a week for the next eight weeks. Subtract this number from your current weight and then assign a target date to it and you have a goal — a destination. For example, you might write, “On March 21, 2007, I will weigh a maximum of 165 pounds.”

3) For the first 21 days of your eight-week goal, avoid sugars that are listed as the first to fifth ingredient on the lists of ingredients for the foods that you eat.

4) For the first 21 days, choose alternatives to foods and products that have white and enriched wheat flour listed in the ingredients. This includes bleached flours.

5) For the first 21 days, choose alternatives to foods that are fried or breaded.

6) For the first 21 days, do not add sodium (salt) to your foods and, if you choose to eat a frozen entrée, make sure the sodium doesn’t exceed 400 mg per serving.

7) For the first 21 days, choose alternatives to alcohol. As difficult as it may seem at first, I believe that you can do it.

8) For the first 21 days, begin and end each day by reading on a sheet of paper your maximum goal weight and target date. Renew your mind daily by taking a minimum of 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night to review your goals and plan your daily and weekly success.

9) For the first 21 days, exercise a minimum of every other day. If you are currently exercising, add 10 to 15 minutes to your workout. Your goal is to eventually exercise five days a week with two days off. It is recommended that you enlist the help of a professional personal trainer to teach and guide you on how to exercise on your own. For additional assistance, send me an email at: HYPERLINK \”\”

10) As you keep your eye on where you’re going and not we’re you’ve been, begin each day with a balanced breakfast and eat every two to three hours — up to one to two hours before bed. The nutrition formula and recipes are available at no cost on my Web site:

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