Thunder Road finishes a set just before Deanna Carter takes
stage during the Cops 4 Causes benefit in Ventura on July 15. (Photo by
Guy W. Kitchens)

Local actresses put on a lively production of Cabaret in Simi

Valley. (Photo by Guy W. Kitchens)

New West Symphony Music Director Boris Brott conducts a dress

rehearsal at the Oxnard Performing Arts Center in November. (Photo by
Guy W. Kitchens)

Steve Myers draws attention to a sale at Eyewear House in
Saturday, April 15. Myers’ unique advertising performances have earned
him public notoriety and a booked schedule. (Photo by Lucas
Deming/Brooks Institute of Photography)

Phil Marquez, left, trims up Father Joseph Dass at Phil’s
in Ventura, Friday, March 31. Marquez has been cutting hair in his Main
Street barbershop for more than 55 years. (Photo by Lucas Deming/Brooks
Institute of Photography)

Ventura County Sheriffs make a stop in Saticoy. (Photo by Guy

A lunar halo in Ventura. These halos are caused by sunlight
refracted off cirro-stratus clouds, which form very high in the
atmosphere and are composed of ice crystals. (Photo by Lucas
Deming/Brooks Institute of Photography)

Local painter David Ryan watches his art being hung during one

of Ventura’s ArtWalks. (Photo by Guy W. Kitchens)

Strawberries wait to be purchased and eaten at the Underwood
Farms in Moorpark. (Photo by Guy W. Kitchens)