By taking their name from a song off Roxy Music’s visionary debut, Liverpool’s Ladytron make their modus operandi immediately known: This is 21st century glam, with an emphasis on the “21st century” part. Feminizing the fashion-conscious ‘tude of dudes like Marc Bolan and David Bowie and throwing them into modern machinery, the band created a hybrid sound fusing disco and new wave with pop and electroclash, utilizing a detached European iciness that made them the toast of the indie scene when their debut long player, 604, hit in 2001. For Witching Hour — their third album, held up three years by label problems — the group eliminated many of the now-dated electronic touches and opted to focus attention on their songcraft, resulting in a record of bruised beauty and incandescent cool. They’ll ungulate through their still-unfurling career at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles on May 2.




Rock history is full of inflammatory rabble-rousers who get off on mixing explosive music with leftist politics. But few are as deft at fusing statements with bombast as St. Louis’s Living Things. The Berlin Brothers—Lilian, Eve and Bosh—grew up in a home that filled their head with revolutionary ideas. When they set out for Los Angeles straight out of high school, the familial threesome were set to reek some havoc. Forming a group that stirred together the swaggering, combustible elements of AC/DC, Guns n’ Roses and multifarious 70s punk with the intelligence of literary giants such as Sylvia Plath and Arthur Miller, the band gained notoriety as a ferocious live act before they even had a record out. Lilian, the frontman, is known to manifest his political views on stage, burning pictures of George Bush and denouncing the administration’s corruption in a way that occasionally even pisses of even people who’ve come to see them. After some legal wrangling, Ahead of the Lions was released last year to mass critical acclaim, and the band is currently spreading their rebellious gospel through clubs across the United States. Living Things come alive at the Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana on Sunday, April 23.

Galaxy Theater, 3503 S. Harbor Blvd.,
Santa Ana, (714) 957-0600


Immortal Technique

On the surface, Peru-born, Harlem-raised emcee Immortal Technique has a backstory worthy of his radio-dominating peers: Arrested in New York on assault charges, the former Felipe Coronel served two years in prison, during which he wrote lyrics, read books and honed his rap skills; upon release, he racked up battle victories, becoming a force on the independent hip-hop scene. If Tech were just another rapper dreaming of gold and glory, this may be the point where he broke through with a massive hit single. It could happen, if only he were willing to play by the mainstream’s rules. But rules don’t go well with this guy, and in a time when dissent is considered un-American, the times don’t go well with Immortal Technique. No matter, though: In the tradition of renegades like Chuck D and KRS-One, Tech is leading a revolution from the underground up. Currently considered one of the most radical voices in rap, he’s sold thousands of self-released albums on word-of-mouth alone, proving that there’s a groundswell of support in this country for somebody willing to speak the truth about power. Immortal Technique performs at the Downtown Brewing Company in San Luis Obispo on April 18.


ELBOW One of 2005’s most egregiously overlooked gems was Elbow’s Leaders of the Free World. On their third album, the Manchester-based quintet indicted the giant figures referred to in the title as “just little boys throwing stones” and lambasted the apathetic public for turning a blind eye to their abuse of power until “they’re walking on the door of your home,” all over lushly ornamented, hard-edged, beautifully melodic Brit-pop. It was a tremendous protest record simply because it didn’t seem like one. But it mostly came and went while Coldplay hogged the spotlight. Well, at least America has a chance to make up for the mistakes Britain made last year. The album didn’t appear stateside until February, and while it hasn’t blown up to the levels set by X&Y, it’s quietly gaining steam, partly on the back of the group’s stirring, charged live shows. See for yourself when Elbow performs at the Avalon in Los Angeles on April 8. And pick up the new album while you’re at it.








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