Month: April 2006


SPRING ARTWALK 2006 April 29, 1 – 9 p.m. A full line-up of entertainment for children and adults awaits visitors for the annual Spring Art Walk, a celebration of the City of Ventura\’s thriving downtown art scene spanning the city\’s entire Cultural District with over 200 Ventura County artists displaying artwork in over 80 locations. Events include free roving and stage entertainment, live music, art history tours, musical salutes and art activities. Meet featured artist Dianne Bennett at Bell Arts Factory, 432 N. Ventura Ave., Ventura, plus, enjoy educational lectures and much more. Presented by the City of Ventura...

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In Brief

Quarter-cent of safety A sizeable jump in the number of violent crimes and calls for overall service in Ventura has the city’s police department lobbying for a quarter-cent sales tax increase that would make way for more fire and police jobs. A ballot measure could appear on the November ballot that, if passed, would fund the positions for roughly 15 new police officers and 10 new firefighters, said Ventura Police Chief Pat Miller. “In a nutshell, we have the same number of police and firefighters as we did 15 years ago and the City Council wants to increase fire and police staffing.” Despite a 40 percent increase in calls for service since 1990, the same number personnel is carrying the workload, Miller added. In 2005, the department handled 87,223 calls, which is an average of about 239 calls per day. Miller, who said that the number of Ventura’s public safety positions is below the national average for cities of the same size, believes the numbers will do the talking — and make all the difference in convincing the public that the measure, which would raise over $4 million a year for public safety services, is a true necessity. The measure would have to garner 67 percent of votes to pass. According to information released by Miller, Ventura has 1.2 officers per one thousand residents, as compared to the national...

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ARIES (March 21-April 19) Let\’s put your salary in perspective. If you earn more than $2,182 per year, you\’re wealthier than 85 percent of the world\’s population. That\’s according to Even though you\’re pretty well-off, however, I\’m going to dare you to ask for more. It\’s the perfect astrological phase to do so. The omens suggest that you will attract benefactors and drum up cosmic support if you make even a half-assed attempt to get richer quicker. Homework: Write down three things you could do to raise your income. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Recently I had minor eye surgery to close some tiny holes in my retina. It wasn\’t a big deal – just a preventive measure – and it didn\’t have any effect on my actual physical vision. The best part of the experience happened because of the nurse who prepped me for the procedure. She used a felt-tip pen to write "YES" over my right eyebrow, ensuring that the surgeon wouldn\’t aim the laser into the wrong eye. I didn\’t wash off the "YES" until 24 hours after the operation, and was pleased at the unexpected effect it had. I found myself using my eyes more aggressively–with a greater hunger to study my surroundings. It was as if the written "YES" had given me a subliminal suggestion to switch on a figurative "YES" in my perceptual...

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Beyond the call of booty

I have a real problem trusting women. Not only was I cheated on in the two serious relationships I\’ve been in, I\’ve had trysts with more than a few women who were otherwise attached, even married. Just last month, I spent a week in Vegas with a woman whose boyfriend thought she was on business elsewhere. Having been "the other man" so often, I know how cunning and deceitful women can be and I\’m constantly wondering what a woman I\’m seeing is "really" doing when we\’re apart. Say she has a "girls night out." If she says she\’ll call but doesn\’t, it nags at me all night and I can\’t sleep. I know this isn\’t fair because there are those out there who are faithful. How can I get past my instinctive distrust of women?  — Burned Don\’t tell me … you and that other guy\’s girlfriend spent your week in Vegas on a bench in the Bellagio lobby, reading aloud to each other from Aristotle\’s "Nicomachean Ethics"? That\’s some moral compass you\’ve got there. What? Instead of pointing to magnetic north, it defaults in the direction of your zipper? Naturally, the guys who howl the loudest about being cheated on have just rolled off some other guy\’s wife or girlfriend. Is this some "new math" version of ethics you\’re all going by? Forget "do unto others," just "do...

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