On Monday, March 13, President Michelle Bachelet of Chile announced that all patients, aged 60 and above, would receive free hospitalization (this decree applies to everyone covered by the Chilean equal to Medicare).

Yes, it will mean higher taxes down the road. A progressive tax structure can insure minimum hardships on the least fortunate and cost less than meeting health needs on a piecemeal basis. Pres. Bachelet was also saying that health is a civil right!

The USA is attempting, as you read this, to institute a national health plan in … Iraq! Compare Bachelet\’s plan to the mess the conservatives have made of Part D of our Medicare.

The Republicans, including Congressman Gallegly, believe in tax reduction for the rich and the super rich. They fight for subsidies for our beloved oil companies. They believe that helping our seniors would be a sign of moral weakness.

Give me some of the old time weakness, please. Mr.Bush, Mr. Gallegly, how about a long conversation with Pres. Bachelet?

Arthur L. Isgur, Board of Governors, Alliance for Progressive Alternatives Ojai

Happy Birthday, baby

His birthday is coming, so let\’s give George Bush what he wants.

Bush wants our air and water polluted (The EPA is fighting to allow more).

He wants global warming (walked out of Kyoto).

He wants torture (Rejects the Geneva Convention).

He wants to spy on, arrest without warrant and detain Americans indefinitely without restriction (rejects the FISA law).

And he wants a protracted war of conquest (no WMD, no al Qaeda).

It\’s not so much to ask, let\’s give him what he wants — a one way ticket to China.

Rob Busch, Ventura

Love, Luke Skywatcher

First of all I would like to thank the Reporter for its cover story last week on our changing climate. The image on the cover was almost startling. I agree with Mr. Lindens view that indeed, \”the weather is a weapon of mass destruction.” Which brings me to my point …

I am wondering if anyone else in Ventura County is looking up at the sky these days. On some days, there are very strange jet contrails, and many of them.

I am wondering if it has anything to do with weather modification. I also wonder who is flying those planes and why do their contrails fill the sky with these fake clouds?

I hope more people start simply looking up! And start taking notice of the difference between real clouds, and “fake” clouds that are being sprayed above our heads by these unknown planes.

It is time for some honest answers. If it is military; tell us. If it\’s something from the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) program; just let us know. Whatever it is, we see it, unmistakably. And it\’s time for some answers.

Concerned Ventura County, SkyWatcher