When I read your “I See Debt People” issue, at first I read: “I See Dead People.” Indeed, I was always a “deadbeat” who paid off his credit card in full each month.

Now I have no credit card. I have a noninterest-bearing checking account and a debit card. I have taken all my money out of savings and keep cash in a safe deposit box. I have removed myself as much as possible from the corrupt interest, debt, speculative, greed system.

I have no stocks, bonds, insurance or real estate. Am I a fool? Time will tell.

Dennis Leary

Solution to oil crisis

In reference to, “We cannot drill our way to lower prices,” I strongly disagree with Pedro Nava. America is facing an energy crisis. Due to world demands, especially in China and India, the supply of oil cannot keep up with the world’s needs. President Bush recognizes this.

As usual, the do-nothing pro-environmental Dems attack President Bush and want to prevent any efforts to find oil. America must become energy-independent for economic and security reasons. In the short term, we must find and drill for oil. In the long term, we need nuclear energy, clean coal, solar and wind power, new types of cars, etc. I have listened to experts in the field say we could find and produce new oil within five years. In the Gulf Coast, where the infrastructure is already there, we could produce oil within two years.

As far as Pedro Nava’s view on the environmental impact, I disagree with him. Today, with new technology, we could build much safer oil platforms. During Katrina, no oil was spilled. We could also place the platforms far away from the coast.

There would be benefits from drilling off our coast. It would provide new jobs, generate funds for the local area, make the cost of gas plus oil go down, and it would help America become energy-independent.

I think the Democrats, Pedro Nava and even our governor have it wrong.

Diana Thorn